Pie!!! :D

Yesterday I started to move my healing ankle. This doesn’t sound like much, does it? I don’t think I ever imagined how this entire healing process was going to unfold. I just kind of lost myself in the “take it a day at a time”. In the beginning that was necessary. The trauma of the accident plus my injuries made looking to the future painful. It still is to be honest but I’m trying to start.

Last Friday, my Doc said I need to get my ankle moving. The demonstration made my stomach roll. Movement in my own foot and ankle made me sick – it felt foreign and impossible. He said I had to do it so next visit I can get the okay to start putting weight on my left leg. Then comes physical therapy and walking. Normal life will be possible. I’ll be able to walk downstairs instead of going step by step on my posterior. You see the small things excite me these days.

In the afternoon my mother suggested I try some moving. I started with my toes. “Wiggle your big toe.” That scene in “Kill Bill” has taken on new meaning for me. I’ve been working on the toe wiggles for awhile but I used it as a warm up. Then I managed to bend my ankle using muscles, tendons and joints that haven’t been active in more than five weeks. Let’s just say I managed to wake a few beasts up.

I haven’t really been comfortable since that time yesterday afternoon. My meds make it bearable while I lie in bed with my whining ankle elevated and iced. Sleep was far from restful. Unsurprisingly, work today was far from a success. Not even three hours passed before I had admit I needed a break. I came home and elevated the beastly ankle.

I’m trying really hard to look at this discomfort as a personal success. I did this. I am paving the way back to myself. The more I work now, the easier my next appointment will be. (A friend warned me of how uncomfortable it is to have the doctor do the moving.) Sure today sucked big time but I’ve been telling my ankle all day “You think yesterday was hard?! You haven’t seen anything yet sweetie!” And guess who flexed and wiggled this afternoon?

For my AEDM today I can report just a couple of rows knitted. My dad helped me measure the scarf today. I am thrilled to report 32 inches long!

Progress can be slow, sometimes a literal pain but measurable achievements make it all worth it!

Be well.