Happy Thanksgiving.

We didn’t celebrate with an elaborate feast or eating until our pants popped a button. I spent the day with my parents in the house I grew up in. We watched football and a movie. I drank hot tea and ate popcorn my Dad made. Not a traditional holiday but I’m grateful for the day nonetheless. I’m very thankful to have such amazing and selfless parents. They have been exhausting themselves taking care of me since the accident.

I spent some of the movie working with my stiff and stubborn ankle. I’m hoping to get things moving better so my next doctor’s appointment is easy going and as pain-free as possible.

For AEDM I knitted a bit. I brought a bag full of pens and goodies but never cracked it open. Maybe seeing the kittens my parents rescued had a little something to do with it. They have gotten so big! Here is a photo of Merlin (the beige one) and Remus (the grey one). I’m happy to say Remus’ surgery was a success and so far no further surgeries are needed. YAY!

Lil Remus is all grown up now!

Merlin gives me kisses... On my toes :)

Be well. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.