Functional WIP #crochet

I cannot accept that it is already Sunday. Today I needed to keep busy. I worked on my crochet ripple blanket for a short while. It’s lovely to have a functional work-in-progress. Already I like covering up with it.

Doodle using my new pens ^^

I doodles for a bit with the pens a friend sent me in a care package. It was supposed to be a sort of Zentangle but I didn’t really follow the rules. It was fun and helped keep my mind away from worries and stressful thoughts.

Top right: ankle at rest. Bottom right: ankle as far as I can get it. Progress is goooood!

Lastly I worked on angering my ankle. I need to increase it’s range of movement a lot before next week. I’m scared. I’m quite uncomfortable after moving it around gently. I can’t imagine what it will be like if I don’t make progress in the next seven days. I’m very tired of being uncomfortable but I’m more tired of not being able to do things. I hope my ankle takes that as a warning. I WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Be well.