For my AEDM, I made one crochet snowflake while my Mum made her first. It was fun. Hers is cream and I wove in the ends so she could take it home finished. My Mum taught me to crochet when I was still in grade school. It wasn’t until after college that yarn tension and patterns became my friends. I love that we can crochet snowflakes together if the mood strikes.

I worked a little bit more today than yesterday. I kept telling myself “Just a bit more.” I came home, ate lunch and then returned to bed. My ankle (which I now refer to as jerkankle) was pretty well behaved considering. But I have to anger it, I have to move it around and get the joints, muscles and stiff tendons to cooperate. Now jerkankle is living up to it’s name and I’m feeling off. Time for sleep I think. I might even take one of my prescriptions that turns me into a useless zombie. But tomorrow is a new day…

Be well.