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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pentel Sunburst gel pen doodle.

(Pentel Sunburst gel pens, miscellaneous ballpoint and scrap paper)

Draw something

(Pentel Twist Erase Click 0.9, sketchbook)

I can’t figure out where all the passing time has gone. I’m behind on the 30 Days of Drawing project but I’m determined to keep going. I hope you’re okay with that.

Tuesday’s ankle therapy included measurements. I asked about them at yesterday’s therapy session. My improvement varies from just three degrees to more than ten. I’m proud of myself for making measurable progress. Still a long way to go though.

Speaking of progress, I worked around nine hours today. I’m exhausted but really glad to be coming back into something resembling normalcy. I can’t wait to have completely boring, normal, predictable days including a walk with Iggy Pup. I really miss our walks.

I’m off to dreamland. Be well.

Very useful gift drawn.

(0.3 Staedtler pigment liner, Ecosystem journal)

I drew my new fabric shaver. This thing is awesome! I already used it on my pj pants and sock. And yes, I did put it back in its original plastic packaging.

Not much to ramble about tonight. I’m trying to thwart a runny nose accompanied by chills and aches. Be well.

ZeeAnkle says Happy Holidays!

Does this count as a Daily Drawing? I sure hope so. I also played with some Pentel goodies, stamps and the idea of making tree shapes using just the letter “X”. Merry Christmas Eve!

Pentel outline marker and gold slicci, stamps

Happy Holidays ... From ME :)

No drawing to today. Just work and therapy. Feeling a bit off last night and today so I’m resting and begging my stomach to behave.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thank you for all your kindness and support this year. It’s been a doozy. I’m hoping the last week is uneventful, calm and kind.

Be well and take care!

Monster rawr.

(Uniball Signo 207 0.7 black, Ecosystem journal)

30 Days of Drawing - Day 15
(Kuretake Zig Millennium in pure brown and Ecosystem journal)

Yesterday I worked my longest day yet. More than eight hours. Today I had a physical exam, a haircut, a trip to two stores and my fifth ankle therapy. Phew! I’m very tired – going to crawl under the covers and catch some sleep. Be well.

It's true.

It’s true. I need to get over my fears – with my sketchbook, my ankle, my life.

I had my fourth ankle therapy this afternoon. I am now to walk using one crutch. Discomfort is to be expected but I shouldn’t push too hard and be in real pain. I am scared but I need to get walking.

Baby steps. Slow and steady. Listen to the fear. Rest when it’s needed. I’m off to stretch a bit and get some sleep.

Be well.


(sketchbook, Pilot Prera F, Noodlers Lexington Grey, Pitt Brush markers)

Just some doodles. Today didn’t turn out as I had hoped but I did put pen to paper and I started a new crochet project.

Be well.

I finished it!!!!!!! 9ft long!!!

Once upon a time, back in January of 2010, I embarked on an intimidating knitting adventure. Today I completed the journey. My Stockinette Stitch scarf is complete and measures in at 9 feet long! It’s been wrapped around my neck all day. I’m smitten!

Before my third ankle therapy session, I went to my parents for Christmas cookie baking again. We made Poppyseed and No-Peek cookies. I went a little overboard and gave all the meringues eyes. Some even ended up looking like snowmen heads.

So many nummies!
No-Peek Meringue cookies with eyes
I made a few into snowmen heads ^^

I didn’t draw today. But hey, sometimes a girl has to poke at yarn with needles, right?

Be well.