Day 6 - 0.7 Poppin mechanical pencil in Copelle sketchbook

I’m posting this notably earlier than my other recent posts. No fighting myself at the closing of the day to create a mini masterpiece to fulfill the 30 Day challenge. Not today.
It’s Sunday and I mostly intended to sleep in but my brain had other plans. Instead of fighting it, I climbed out of bed around 7am. My ankle is unhappy and my throat is scratchy but I want to have a good day. I got settled in the chair with my crankle elevated on the foot stool and opened my sketchbook.
I always try to be precise. Maybe that is more of an issue than I thought. I’m constantly envious of artists who can fill a page with imprecise beauty. I’m drawn to things that are quirky and unique yet very expressive and seemingly perfect in execution. I can’t replicate that when I try so hard.
Today I let go a bit more. I hope you like my drawing. It isn’t very large but it is complete. It has so many elements of what attracts me lately. It makes me giddy. Now if only I can duplicate this process again. Soon.
Be well.