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Monthly Archives: May 2013

My Plannerd Week Twenty

I’ve been using the pen pictured – a Papermate Flex Grip Ultra – and a blue retractable Pentel RSVP. I need to dig out the gel pens I’ve been craving.

I’ve been reading a lot since the end of April. I read the last three Harry Potter books and finished the series yesterday. Reading makes resting my ankle a bit more tolerable. I like the days when Iggy and I can sit outside. We both feel less confined by my limitations.

Lovely day.

Are you reading anything good? Is there a book i shouldn’t miss?

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 18

My Plannerd Week 19

I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. I’ll summarize the long story by classifying it all under “ankle drama”. As you can see I’ve returned to adding a few stickers to the weekly spreads. It’s a good restart. I’m not a serious and strict kind of person. I need creative outlets and smiles. Anyone who says they are too old for stickers needs to get past that thought and start sticking silliness to everything!

Be well.