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Monthly Archives: June 2013

My Plannerd Week 25

Another week has snuck past me. Nearly July, nearly my birthday. It’s summer. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather. I do enjoy going out for custard though.

Our new kitten – Finnegan McFluffy – is doing well. He had his first vet visit on Friday. He got an all clear and lots of love from the staff. He’s already grown so much. He’s 13 weeks old and bound to grow more. I told him he could stay small and I won’t mind one bit.

Finnegan 13 weeks

My Plannerd Week 24

I used my new Papermate InkJoy Quatro 1.0 pen a lot during this week. Multi pens are very convenient. I find the 1.0 to be a bit broader than my ideal but it writes smoothly and easily. I grabbed this bad boy for just shy of two dollars at Walmart.

Do you prefer multi pens or carrying multiple pens?

My Plannerd Week 23

I used my “Nature” Staedtler fineliners a lot. The week was kind of crazy. Luckily Toby felt better after two rough days of not eating. I’m so glad he’s playing and purring again. Now if only he can learn to let me sleep until the alarm.

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 21

My apologies for not posting last Monday. Matt was off of work which can be my only poor excuse.

I used my Pilot VBall eco version quite a bit. Dreamt about the pen and then grabbed it out of my stash. It writes so nicely and liquid ink is dreamy.

My Plannerd Week 22

I bought the “Nature” set of Staedtler fineliners. I really like the colors. The “Pastel” set didn’t thrill me like this one. But you know I have to have them all. They work really well in the Paperblanks planner as you can see. Plus having some different colors is fun.

Been continuing on my reading streak. I haven’t done any art in a long time and it’s starting to worry me. I forgot how or at least I feel that way. Not good, I know. But at least my time is spent reading and not just staring into space or watching cruppy television I don’t like, right?

Be well.