My Plannerd Week 29 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 29, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

Nothing too exciting here. I developed a new bump next to the plate on my recovering ankle. I’m hoping it doesn’t set me too far back in my attempt to reach a level of normalcy. I’m trying to be more diligent in my exercising – not just my ankle but all of me. My tendinitis has been better so I really want to get stronger and back to my life.

I bought some Inc brand Couture ballpoints and highlighters at the dollar store. I like the fun barrel designs. ( One is in the photo.) They write well but occasionally there is a blob of ink. The highlighters are nice and not too juicy. I hate bleed thru.

I’m really missing fountain pens as I haven’t inked one up or written with one in over 2 months. I’ll have to rectify that very soon. The only problem is picking which pen, which nib and which ink!

Be well.