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My Plannerd Week 33

My Plannerd Week 34

My apologies for not posting last week. I picked up a Monday at work which threw off my usual routine. Today I visited my dentist for some numbing, drilling and filling. I’m taking it easy. Lots of rest.

My ankle surgery will be October 30th. I’m trying not to be anxious. I’ll take it a day a time. Slow and steady.

Is August really ending already? This year is going far too fast for me.

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 32 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 32, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

I’ve been considering having the metal plate removed from my ankle for awhile. It won’t fix the tendinitis but the surgery would allow my doc to clean up in there. Unfortunately surgery means surgery. I’m not keen on the idea of reopening my ankle or anesthesia or recovery or being out of work without any pay for up to four weeks. I’m anxious and no date has even been set. I’m letting the “what if” monster consume me even though I know better…

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 31 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 31, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

Everything is getting that fast toward blurry feeling. It’s August already. August?! Where has the year gone?

When my ankle is acting like a cranky old coot, I am forced to take it easy and abandon my plans. There has been a lot of this since I started my new job in March. The good part of being forced to rest is I can read a lot. I’ve been devouring books. I’ve read 17 books adding up to over 7500 pages. Not too shabby eh?

I try to be content every day. I may not be running around doing everything I want to do but at least I can smile every day. My ankle needs time and while she takes it, I’ll do my best to keep on trucking. In my own way.

Be well.