My Plannerd Week 31 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 31, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

Everything is getting that fast toward blurry feeling. It’s August already. August?! Where has the year gone?

When my ankle is acting like a cranky old coot, I am forced to take it easy and abandon my plans. There has been a lot of this since I started my new job in March. The good part of being forced to rest is I can read a lot. I’ve been devouring books. I’ve read 17 books adding up to over 7500 pages. Not too shabby eh?

I try to be content every day. I may not be running around doing everything I want to do but at least I can smile every day. My ankle needs time and while she takes it, I’ll do my best to keep on trucking. In my own way.

Be well.