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"Let you go"

I hear it again and again. I wonder if balloons are wounded by the sentiment.

Be well.


This is my art for today. My brain isn’t capable of more after the fourteen hour work day I just endured. Time to rest everything including my creative brain cells. Be well.

Day 15

Another week begins. Tomorrow is another deadline. I drew some characters to help me win this battle. I hope you like them.
Be well.

Sharpie doodle. Day 14 of my 30 day challenge. diysara.com

I used my ultra fine Sharpie markers tonight. These are the 80s Glam colors along with a really old black one I found in a box of goodies. You have to appreciate long lasting office supplies. This marker is at least 12 years old. It even has the metal pocket clip. Old school salute.

@sharpie time


I spent much of today resting. Most of last night’s rest was spoiled by a nasty sinus headache. Waking with that beast threw my day off but I did draw this to keep up with the challenge. Time to hug a pillow and hope my sinuses play nice now. Be well.


Unfortunately I have another sinus headache and this piece isn’t very involved but it is true. Be well.

Day 11

Something simple started but it grew and morphed into this piece. I hope your Friday-Eve was a good one. Be well.

Day 10 - Uniball Vision RT bold, sky blue Roseart color pencil

I have a stash of 5 by 7 inch grid index cards. I used a black bold Uniball Vision RT pen and a sky blue Roseart color pencil to make this trio of dancing robots.

Be well.

Day 9. diysara.com

My work day was long but it’s over now. I drew this in my tiny sketchbook with a Pentel Finito and colored it with Papermate InkJoy ballpoints.
Be well.


I love vintage Halloween decorations. I spent some time today searching the web for those creepy retro treasures. The drawing is ballpoint and color pencil. I hope you like it. Be well.