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My bed area is filling up rapidly. I haven't done anything with them tho.

I had such good intentions today. I awoke and immediately surrounded myself with pens and markers. I watched “Chicago,” “Ghost World” and “The Last Samurai” as much for inspiration as distraction and entertainment. But somehow the day has slipped away with little more than a couple brush marker doodles.

I did take a shower and worked on moving my jerkankle. I even took a nap when I felt achy, sad and exhausted. So today was not a loss.

I will now knit a few rows and maybe jot a couple lines under the doodles I started in my journal. Then it’s sleep time for tomorrow is a work day. How slow this process is – a constant exercise in patience.

Take care and be well.

For my AEDM, I made one crochet snowflake while my Mum made her first. It was fun. Hers is cream and I wove in the ends so she could take it home finished. My Mum taught me to crochet when I was still in grade school. It wasn’t until after college that yarn tension and patterns became my friends. I love that we can crochet snowflakes together if the mood strikes.

I worked a little bit more today than yesterday. I kept telling myself “Just a bit more.” I came home, ate lunch and then returned to bed. My ankle (which I now refer to as jerkankle) was pretty well behaved considering. But I have to anger it, I have to move it around and get the joints, muscles and stiff tendons to cooperate. Now jerkankle is living up to it’s name and I’m feeling off. Time for sleep I think. I might even take one of my prescriptions that turns me into a useless zombie. But tomorrow is a new day…

Be well.

Why I have trouble getting out of bed.

It was hard to get out of bed this morning. Mondays are hard enough but Monday’s after a long weekend plus Iggy Pup cuddling are just harsh.

I worked nearly 5.5 hours today. It felt so good to get back into bed and rest. I just knitted a few rows to fulfill my AEDM for today. I can’t believe the end of November is so close. I must admit I wasn’t sure I could keep up with the challenge but I’m very glad I have!

Be well.

Functional WIP #crochet

I cannot accept that it is already Sunday. Today I needed to keep busy. I worked on my crochet ripple blanket for a short while. It’s lovely to have a functional work-in-progress. Already I like covering up with it.

Doodle using my new pens ^^

I doodles for a bit with the pens a friend sent me in a care package. It was supposed to be a sort of Zentangle but I didn’t really follow the rules. It was fun and helped keep my mind away from worries and stressful thoughts.

Top right: ankle at rest. Bottom right: ankle as far as I can get it. Progress is goooood!

Lastly I worked on angering my ankle. I need to increase it’s range of movement a lot before next week. I’m scared. I’m quite uncomfortable after moving it around gently. I can’t imagine what it will be like if I don’t make progress in the next seven days. I’m very tired of being uncomfortable but I’m more tired of not being able to do things. I hope my ankle takes that as a warning. I WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Be well.

Time to get me #crochet on.

Some days aren’t the best or very good at all. It’s good that tomorrow will be an entirely new day

I did work on my crochet ripple blanket for a bit. I sat on our brand new freshly delivered love seat. We ordered it back in September but because of the accident it couldn’t be delivered. But today the new “Chili” colored beauty came home. The estate sale granny square afghan I got years ago in hopes of redecorating matches poifectly!

New love seat is finally here!!!!!!!

But now I need to rest and refocus. Be well.

I now have two snowflakes ^^ #crochet

I fell asleep about three hours ago and just woke up to get ready for bed. Such bad habits are developing. I thought of writing a post earlier but I guess this will have to do.

I worked on crochet snowflakes today. I ended up with five total. Slowly but surely things will take shape. Tomorrow I will measure the fireplace mantle and get a better plan for this garland.

Now I will return to dreamland. Goodnight and be well.

They are multiplying ^^ I'll be making more while I watch Edward Scissorhands.

Happy Thanksgiving.

We didn’t celebrate with an elaborate feast or eating until our pants popped a button. I spent the day with my parents in the house I grew up in. We watched football and a movie. I drank hot tea and ate popcorn my Dad made. Not a traditional holiday but I’m grateful for the day nonetheless. I’m very thankful to have such amazing and selfless parents. They have been exhausting themselves taking care of me since the accident.

I spent some of the movie working with my stiff and stubborn ankle. I’m hoping to get things moving better so my next doctor’s appointment is easy going and as pain-free as possible.

For AEDM I knitted a bit. I brought a bag full of pens and goodies but never cracked it open. Maybe seeing the kittens my parents rescued had a little something to do with it. They have gotten so big! Here is a photo of Merlin (the beige one) and Remus (the grey one). I’m happy to say Remus’ surgery was a success and so far no further surgeries are needed. YAY!

Lil Remus is all grown up now!

Merlin gives me kisses... On my toes :)

Be well. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Knitting kitty

Normally I don’t work three days in a row but the holiday inspired wonkiness and I managed just over four hours today. I’m happy with my achievements this week and it’s only Wednesday.

Lavinia kitty has claimed my lap as her place when I’m resting in bed. This afternoon I knitted a bit while I waited for my ankle to calm down. It doesn’t seem to enjoy showers as much as it should. The good thing is the water feels less bizarre on my leg and foot. I still don’t like looking at the incision sites and bruising but that’s normal, right?.

Now it is time to finish off the pumpkin pie and rest. I’m not quite sure how the holiday thing will go tomorrow but I am very thankful for so many things.

Be well.

First snowflake #aedm2011

I’ve been thinking about making a crochet snowflake garland. Today I found a cute pattern HERE. I grabbed my yarn and H hook. The directions are clear and before long i had my first finished snowflake. I’ll be working on these when I can. I can’t wait to see how these will look strung together hanging on the mantle.

Be well.

I worked five hours today. This is my longest time so far. It felt so good to get back in bed. It’s been nearly impossible to stay awake. Maybe it’s from working or the medication, I can’t be sure. I just knitted a bit but now I’ll get ready for bed and return to my pillow.

Be well.