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Surprise, I am back. Kind of.

The changes at Flickr have lit a fire and I need to try and get the images used in this Blog organized so they aren’t deleted in the great photo purge of 2019. Ideally, the changes won’t be noticeable here at DIYSara.com at all. (However, I am plotting and planning for some updates around these dusty halls.)

This post is to just let yall know that I am going to attempt to return to the blogging world. Also, I am updating my Zazzle store. I have a couple of new postcards and a new magnet up. I hope you like them.

Click HERE to go to my store :)

Take care and be well.

Back in June of 2011, I had typed up a post about journaling for Pentel’s blog. It was posted on Pentel’s old blog and can be found HERE.

I think it is a relevant topic and since I’ve found myself in a journaling rut, I’m reposting it here with hopes of reigniting my journal spark. Enjoy and be well.

Keeping a journal can be a very rewarding experience. Many people get hung up on expectations and perceived boundaries. They feel a journal should be a specific type of thing, containing mandatory elements. With such limitations, a journal often sits abandoned on a shelf and collects dust rather than achieves its full potential by becoming an extension of its owner.


Don’t feel restricted by materials. If you feel like gathering random bits of junk mail, punching holes and adding a binder ring, go for it. For some, a five-year leather bound expensive journal and a fancy fountain pen is the answer. For others, a fifty-cent special composition notebook from the back-to-school sale is perfect. Digital journals are also a possibility. Don’t feel you have to live up to anyone else’s standards. Journaling is individual and should match your needs and personality. Since there are no rules for your journal, you can do whatever feels right. Change things up and play around. Heck if you want four journals going at one time, by all means give yourself permission. Dating pages might be helpful but it isn’t mandatory, nothing is. Toss every rule and regulation out the window. By ridding yourself of all preconceived restrictions, you will be able to get to the heart of what journaling is truly about – YOU.

journal excerpts 2

Colorful pens, crayons, markers, paints, etc. can be great tools to help you loosen up and let go of your inhibitions. The content of your journal can be as unique as your imagination. Glue in bits of ephemera from your days, document your life hour-by-hour, record dreams, keep lists, draw doodles, and scribble song lyrics. A journal can help you vent frustrations, work out problems, make difficult decisions, expand on new ideas, refocus your energy, keep track of events and act as a stand in for your best friend. It can contain any combination of writing, drawing, scribbling, or coloring. The important thing is to give yourself an outlet.

journal excerpts

“But I can’t draw.” Tie this excuse up, cover its loud mouth with tape and send it to sleep with the fishes. Don’t pressure yourself with hopes of a final masterpiece. The process is key. Draw basic shapes or stick people and enjoy yourself. Doodle a border of daisies around your page, color them and have some fun. Journals don’t pass judgment. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own designs, print out coloring pages. Grab your crayons, markers, highlighters or colored pens and then glue the results in your journal. Some days you may just want to collect bits of inspiration by pasting pieces of magazines or catalogs in your journal. Remember, anything goes.

I am no stranger to struggling with keeping a journal. I found writing every day wasn’t a good fit. By allowing myself to explore possibilities outside the “Dear Diary” realm, I’m now more eager to journal. I’m open to experimentation and have tried a lot of different approaches. I’ve collected bits of my day and glued them on a page. I didn’t write one word but the mementos act as a reminder of that day. I’ve depicted an entire day with doodles. Some days my journal entry only includes words, filling multiple pages. Other days lack a single complete sentence. I find stream of consciousness writing helpful when “writer’s block” strikes and doodling patterns is helpful if I can’t think of anything to draw. Some pages inspire me to share them online or with friends but I’ve also created pages that will never see the light of day again.

I feel that the sky is the limit since I’ve left all the rules behind. Sure, some pages might fit better in a sketchbook or planner but they are all important parts of my journal. There is a great deal to gain; I hope this inspires you to adventure into the world of journaling.

Triangles.... growing

The first three were drawn with a Uniball Gelstick 0.7. This was done with a Uniball Vision Needle Micro.


After the first three full pages, I turned to Matt and asked him what shape should be next. He replied “Triangles.”


I finished this up Friday and haven’t started another one yet. I figure I should rectify that now. I just need to figure out what shape is next.

Be well.

Starting another page.

I’ve often found that creating and breaking habits can only be done by consciously forcing myself to commit to it. Makes sense, right? This new quest to recreate my artistic self is no different. Here are the second and third full pages in my sketchbook.



I intend to do more. Intentions are sometimes better than dreams. Dreams can feel so far away some days. I need make myself see the steps up to the heavens. Each little cloud can carry me higher. Pretty soon the stars will be within reach.

Be well.

Pens & paper

It isn’t hard to gather pens or paper. I have plenty of both. My problem is filling the page with something worth while. I prejudge and convince myself that anything I am about to do isn’t worth it and I stop before I even start. Today I set out to break this bad habit. I have no excuse for so many empty sketchbooks and blank pages.

Filled a page.

I hope to do this more regularly. If I fill a page, it has to be worth it. If someone doesn’t like the final product, what does that matter to me? How will I ever live my life as a true artist if I never create. I’m hoping to rediscover my creative self. Today might be the start.

Be well.

My collage inspired by @stargardener

I’m slowly finding my footing. I take things one day at a time. I find smiles and sparkles where I can.

Today I grabbed some junk mail and my glue stick. Some days I need to tear apart and piece together. Be well.

I could bore you with details and ramblings, but I’m not going to right now. Here is my first artistic adventure today. Will there be more? Time will only tell.

Today's first artistic adventure.

Be well.

Magical Minion

I spent the morning battling a list of things I wanted to get done and the evils of “on hold” stasis. Just getting through all the calls was exhausting. Nothing can be simple or easy. But I did it. I gave myself permission to breathe and take a break this afternoon.

Yesterday I found out that the pain in my bad leg is tendinitis. I need to take it easy. Honestly I would rather walk. I want to walk Iggy until he gets tired. I cannot remember the last time that happened. I was just starting to feel like I was controlling my days, not the crankle and then this new pain started.

But I will keep pushing forward. Even if I have to physically rest more, I can put pen to paper. I doodled these earlier today. They are fun and magical, no?


I want to find myself and hold on through the rough days. I hear “opportunities” and the “one door closes and another opens.” I believe them. Unfortunately there is part of me that brings the dark cloud to hover over me every day and if I’m not careful it stays.

Time for me to rest. I need to give myself credit for everything I have done. I need to be proud of myself.

Be well. ♥

"Let you go"

I hear it again and again. I wonder if balloons are wounded by the sentiment.

Be well.


This is my art for today. My brain isn’t capable of more after the fourteen hour work day I just endured. Time to rest everything including my creative brain cells. Be well.