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I’m pretty certain everyone has at least one roll of washi or deco tape. In case you do not, I have a previous tutorial up on how to make your own using plain old masking tape HERE


I wanted my planner spread to have more of a sea life feel to it. I have decorative edge scissors and figured I’d give this idea a try.

I cut a bit of my dark blue washi tape and applied it to some waxed paper. I used my fancy schmancy edged scissors to cut the tape and waxed paper. I peeled off the tape after cutting and stuck it into my planner. Ta Da! I’m looking forward to using this method to decorate more planner spreads in the future.

Have you done this before or will you be trying this in the future?

Take care and be well.

Fleece bed for Harvey the rattie is finished.

I’ve been so exhausted and fallen out of my posting daily routine. My apologies.

Today I took a scrap piece of fleece and cut it into one continuous strip then crocheted it into a bowl shape. This washable bed will hopefully become Harvey the rat’s favorite place to sleep. Pet accessories are so expensive which makes DIY projects like this all the more exciting when the work out as planned. Plus I find DIY things hold up better over time. I hope Harvey likes his new pet bed!

Be well.

(edit to add: Fleece is one of the few trusted fibers for small pets in case ingestion occurs. Always avoid cotton and be mindful of fraying.)

I imagine an army of nurse bees with knitting needles buzzing around my ankle knitting my bones back together ^^

It’s hard to describe how my ankle feels. Pins-and-needles when your appendages fall asleep is pretty accurate. Sometimes it feels like a whole swarm of bees is buzzing around in there, almost like it’s alive with electricity. I’ve been told that visualizing healing is beneficial. The swarms of bees put on nurse hats and picked up knitting needles to mend my breaks and repair the dislocation damage. Today I drew just that.

Knitting. Scarf in progress.

I’ve been working on my knit scarf. Knit a row, purl a row. It’s slow going because I’m not very graceful but I am making progress. I love this yarn! It’s Red Heart Super Saver. I think the color is called Primary but I’ve lost the band. I love working the rows and watching the colors transition.

I might do something else artsy before bed but there’s so much other stuff that needs to get done. Most of it involves paperwork – blarf. I shouldn’t complain as it’s been a pleasant weekend. I hope yours was a good one!

Be well.

Possibilities with @PentelofAmerica

I didn’t sleep well last night and my day began long before the sun rose. I grabbed my journal and some pens and set out to put something on paper.

I'm remembering how great this is...

It was a nice distraction to doodle for a bit. It’s very freeing and therapeutic. Just make up stuff to fill the space, let go and enjoy.

Ankle hasn't shut up all morning so I've taken it outside for some fresh air. It's chilly :D

My ankle and other muscles are sore today. Two straight days of pushing was bound to catch up with me. Since my ankle wouldn’t quiet down, I took it outside for some fresh air. It was sunny but chilly. I sat on the porch and tried to keep warm.

Iggy has joined me ^^ I haven't sketched from life in ages! I forget how lol
Iggy joined my quest for fresh air and warmth so we huddled together under a couple jackets. I attempted to sketch the white pumpkin across from me. I haven’t sketched from life in a very long time and I’m quite rusty.

Sunny cat nap

It didn’t take long for the last couple of days and poor sleep to catch up with me. I came inside and made the slow and unpleasant ascent back up the stairs to bed. Medicine and rest with an ice pack for a garnish did help. This afternoon I even worked a bit on the knit scarf I started ages ago. All in all today can be counted as a success I think, don’t you?

Be well.

Oops I doodled

My cast has swirly-like tentacles! Schweet.

Today had far fewer smiles. I managed just over three hours today. Muscles who had kept quiet were awakened by the physical exertion of yesterday’s adventure. I came home and slept.

I did finally find a Sharpie marker that would work on my rough textured cast. That will have to do for my AEDM #4. I’m off to dreamland where my ankle is quiet and I can still walk without metal sticks.

Be well.

#AEDM day 2 -crochet cozy for my cast

I’ve decided to participate in AEDM – Art Every Day Month (more info HERE)

I am also going to try and post here about every day’s artistic adventure.

Yesterday for day 1, I journaled a bit and did some doodling. I also took some photos. That fills the quota quite nicely I think.

Today I made a crochet toe cozy for my cast. I am going to attempt a few hours at work tomorrow. This will be my first day back since the accident on October 8th. I’m nervous for a lot of different reasons. Grabbing a crochet hook helped me relax and focus my energy elsewhere. Now I have a fashionable and functional cover for my toes that will look nice with my black jogging pants.

I might just grab my journal and do some scribbling now quick before sleep. A journal is a great way to refocus.

Take care and be well.


Despite the accident, surgery and all the crazy, I managed to get Iggy Pup’s Halloween costume to a wearable stage of completeness. Unfortunately it was starting to rain and my ankle was quite fussy so Dinosaur Iggy wasn’t able to properly greet the Tricks or Treaters. We did manage to give out all the candy before the rain really started to fall and I was convinced by my ankle to return to bed.
Iggy’s dinosaur costume is all crochet and done without a pattern using Red Heart Yarn. I’d say it was successful, wouldn’t you?
Happy Halloween to you and yours! Take care and be well.