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Fleece bed for Harvey the rattie is finished.

I’ve been so exhausted and fallen out of my posting daily routine. My apologies.

Today I took a scrap piece of fleece and cut it into one continuous strip then crocheted it into a bowl shape. This washable bed will hopefully become Harvey the rat’s favorite place to sleep. Pet accessories are so expensive which makes DIY projects like this all the more exciting when the work out as planned. Plus I find DIY things hold up better over time. I hope Harvey likes his new pet bed!

Be well.

(edit to add: Fleece is one of the few trusted fibers for small pets in case ingestion occurs. Always avoid cotton and be mindful of fraying.)

Functional WIP #crochet

I cannot accept that it is already Sunday. Today I needed to keep busy. I worked on my crochet ripple blanket for a short while. It’s lovely to have a functional work-in-progress. Already I like covering up with it.

Doodle using my new pens ^^

I doodles for a bit with the pens a friend sent me in a care package. It was supposed to be a sort of Zentangle but I didn’t really follow the rules. It was fun and helped keep my mind away from worries and stressful thoughts.

Top right: ankle at rest. Bottom right: ankle as far as I can get it. Progress is goooood!

Lastly I worked on angering my ankle. I need to increase it’s range of movement a lot before next week. I’m scared. I’m quite uncomfortable after moving it around gently. I can’t imagine what it will be like if I don’t make progress in the next seven days. I’m very tired of being uncomfortable but I’m more tired of not being able to do things. I hope my ankle takes that as a warning. I WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Be well.

Time to get me #crochet on.

Some days aren’t the best or very good at all. It’s good that tomorrow will be an entirely new day

I did work on my crochet ripple blanket for a bit. I sat on our brand new freshly delivered love seat. We ordered it back in September but because of the accident it couldn’t be delivered. But today the new “Chili” colored beauty came home. The estate sale granny square afghan I got years ago in hopes of redecorating matches poifectly!

New love seat is finally here!!!!!!!

But now I need to rest and refocus. Be well.

I now have two snowflakes ^^ #crochet

I fell asleep about three hours ago and just woke up to get ready for bed. Such bad habits are developing. I thought of writing a post earlier but I guess this will have to do.

I worked on crochet snowflakes today. I ended up with five total. Slowly but surely things will take shape. Tomorrow I will measure the fireplace mantle and get a better plan for this garland.

Now I will return to dreamland. Goodnight and be well.

They are multiplying ^^ I'll be making more while I watch Edward Scissorhands.

First snowflake #aedm2011

I’ve been thinking about making a crochet snowflake garland. Today I found a cute pattern HERE. I grabbed my yarn and H hook. The directions are clear and before long i had my first finished snowflake. I’ll be working on these when I can. I can’t wait to see how these will look strung together hanging on the mantle.

Be well.

Working on the ripple blanket today #crochet

Another rough night full of waking and trying to find a comfortable position. I can only really sleep on my back which limits the possibilities severely.

I took a shower today. Normally this wouldn’t be something of note but it’s now quite an ordeal. My Mum helps me. She’s been so very selfless and has been my rock through this entire ordeal.

I’ve been a bit out of it today. The lose-track-of-time fog swallowed me up good. I can’t even grasp that it’s Wednesday – my brain wants it to be Saturday. I managed to crochet a bit today on my in-progress ripple afghan though. It was a nice change of pace. I have a bit of time left before bed, maybe I can do something more.

Be well.

#AEDM day 2 -crochet cozy for my cast

I’ve decided to participate in AEDM – Art Every Day Month (more info HERE)

I am also going to try and post here about every day’s artistic adventure.

Yesterday for day 1, I journaled a bit and did some doodling. I also took some photos. That fills the quota quite nicely I think.

Today I made a crochet toe cozy for my cast. I am going to attempt a few hours at work tomorrow. This will be my first day back since the accident on October 8th. I’m nervous for a lot of different reasons. Grabbing a crochet hook helped me relax and focus my energy elsewhere. Now I have a fashionable and functional cover for my toes that will look nice with my black jogging pants.

I might just grab my journal and do some scribbling now quick before sleep. A journal is a great way to refocus.

Take care and be well.