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Despite the accident, surgery and all the crazy, I managed to get Iggy Pup’s Halloween costume to a wearable stage of completeness. Unfortunately it was starting to rain and my ankle was quite fussy so Dinosaur Iggy wasn’t able to properly greet the Tricks or Treaters. We did manage to give out all the candy before the rain really started to fall and I was convinced by my ankle to return to bed.
Iggy’s dinosaur costume is all crochet and done without a pattern using Red Heart Yarn. I’d say it was successful, wouldn’t you?
Happy Halloween to you and yours! Take care and be well.


At some point I thought I’d regain a spark, some fire inside of me that would conquer the winter blues and I’d blaze through projects with an inspired internal fire. Unfortunately I must have a really good internal sprinkler system because not much has sparked. The important thing is to take one moment at a time, to keep moving – even if it is only baby steps.

Hexagon scarf nearly complete.

I’m working steadily on crochet projects lately. I made 12 hexagons in brilliant and vibrant red, pink and purple. I’ve gotten to the last stage – weaving in ends. Its not my favorite part of crochet but I’m working through it.

first snow

We woke up yesterday to the first real snow of the season. Iggy enjoyed it more than we did. Shoveling is hard on my gimpy wrists. But we survived. Iggy had fun running and bouncing on the new white turf.


I keep reminding myself to keep at it. Journaling and doodling are necessities this time of year. Pen to paper, pen to paper.

The fire is so delightful...

We had our fireplace inspected on Wednesday. More than five years have passed since it was last used. Less than two hours later Matt had a blaze going. I forgot what it was like. So organically comforting. Iggy barked a lot at first. After the warmth started emanating he settled in to stamp his approval with a good nap.


Its actually sunny today. The gloom rolled out with the snow and welcomed in freezing temperatures. I should put on some layers and enjoy the day – one baby step at a time.

The darling @marymg has been a loved member of my Twitter family from the beginning. She tweets about many things including fountain pens, cooking and the antics of her grandchildren. You can imagine my delight when I saw that she had gotten her darlings a puppy!

cecelia & abby copy

I love making Iggy Pup sweaters but I can’t do ruffles or flowers for him – he’s too macho. Not long after the puppy announcement I messaged Mary and the plotting began. One skein of Red Heart “Monet” yarn and an “H” hook later and the sweater/dress was taking shape.

dog sweater/dress in progress

Abby pup is tiny and its hard for me to create a form-fitting outfit if I can’t do fittings as I go. My idea was to create an outfit that would fit her now and when she is full grown, with just three measurements – neck circumference, length from neck to tail, and her widest girth at her ribs.

Finished dog sweater/dress

(Click for Flickr page - including multiple notes and large views)

Here is the final sweater dress. I crocheted a flower for the back. I hope its not too much girlie-ness with the ruffled edge. I thought it was the perfect amount of cuteness. The button and belly strap was a fun adventure. I created multiple buttonholes just in case pup grows a bit or the dress hit her at a different area than the widest. The neck line also has a crochet button but instead of a button hole I created a simple loop. Ideally these features will make dressing her easy and fun.

Finished dog sweater/dress

Here’s a side view. Imagine a puppy inside! This weekend I’ll be mailing this sweater/dress off to Mary, her adorable granddaughter Cecelia and the darling Abby pup. I’m crossing my fingers everyone likes it. I hope I can bribe them for a photo or two.

This was such a fun adventure. Crochet without a pattern is a lot of fun; I encourage everyone to try it … It’s worth it!

Take care and be well.

Finishing things give me such a great glowing feeling of accomplishment and success. I finished the baby blanket for my coworker Jonelle and her “in progress” baby boy.

finished baby blanket!

I gave it to her November 2nd. Wow that is awhile ago already. Here is a closer look of the stitches. I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

finished baby blanket

This month has been going so fast. Actually this entire year has flown by. In honor of November, many people take part in NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month. I knew this was not the year to try if I was going to successfully finish any of my current in progress projects. Since I have been trying to journal daily I thought a drawing or journaling NaNo was in order. NaNoJouMo, which stands for National Nonstop Journaling Month, was already in existence thanks to Dawn over at D’Blogala. She is providing prompts in case you get stuck on a day which I haven’t used yet but I am going to copy them all down and keep them in my arsenal.

Here are the results of my NaNoJouMo – Hope you like a few or some or all :D

Since I don’t have an November 1st, here are a couple of glimpses at the end of October.
journal doodle
journal doodle
journal doodle

November 2nd was a good day for crayons.

November 3rd wasn’t very eventful (top).
November 4th was much more enjoyable (bottom).
Nov 3 & Nov 4

November 5th was a good day to doodle a sleepy clock.
Nov 5

November 6th included “Hancock” which was a good movie – I was pleasantly surprised.
Nov 6

November 7th included a trip to Taco Bell where they said I was “Special” – or was it my taco?
Nov 7

November 8th culminated in my embarrassed realization that I often draw Iggy Pup’s coloring incorrectly (top).
November 9th was our first crock pot dinner of the season nom nom (bottom).
Nov 8 & Nov 9

Since the crochet baby blanket was finished, I needed to dive into my next yarn project. First I dove into my yarn stash and grabbed my favorite rusty orange and some other goodies.

Picking colors

I’m just doing vertical stripes of hdc (half double crochet). This scarf is coming together so quickly and will soon be sent to the awesomely talented Mia in New York!

let the scarf begin

Have you heard of Movember? Check out what Wikipedia has to say here. I made a few paper mustaches on Friday while at work. Don’t I look cheeky?

Happy Movember

There is also a “Hulk Hogan/Fu Manchu” and a “Charlie Chaplain” stored on the side of my work-mac just in case.

paper mustaches

Thank you for stopping by. Take care and be well.

Busy days have become commonplace.

I picked out yarn for a baby blanket I am making for my coworker. (It’s actually for the lil bun in her oven). It is Caron Simply Soft in “Soft Blue”. The yarn is so silky and I hope the perfect match for a lil baby boy.

I picked a stitch out of the awesome stitch book Matt got me for my birthday: The Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches. The “Single Crochet Cluster Stitch I” looked like it would be a good baby blanket stitch since it lacked holes for baby fingers to get snagged on.

Baby Blanket attempt 1

It didn’t look bad but I was having a rough time getting used to the pattern. I just wasn’t “feeling” this project so after a couple weeks, I gave up on it and frogged it after a discussion with my mum. Frogging is a depressing yet invigorating act for me… Unraveling progress into raw material was the right choice!

Baby Blanket - 2

I began again using the “Single Crochet Cluster Stitch II”. This pattern was much easier for me to follow and I got into the rhythm right away. I’m now looking forward to working on this blanket and don’t need to have the open book in front of me at all times to verify my stitches. Progress is a beautiful thing!

Baby Blanket closeup

I like the way this stitch looks, the texture and pattern is coming out so nicely! Do you like it for a baby boy blanket?

I feel like other than crochet, my art has slipped to the side again. I haven’t been journaling or blogging regularly.

On a positive note – I have acquired three new bottles of fountain pen ink. Sunday I had to get out my dip pen and nibs to give the colors a look-see. I ended up uncapping my black india ink and playing with my Speedball B-5 nib. The nibs n pens are from my father’s collection and they hold a special place in my heart because of that. I love thinking that my dad used to draw and create with these same tools.

Speedball B-5 Nib



Speedball “B” nibs are round and are not really made for calligraphy but I felt like writing with it. Does it look horrible? – I kinda like it. I want to pick up some calligraphy nibs for the dip pens and watch for a fountain pens with an italic or calligraphy nib. I think I’ll see what books I can find at the library that contain actual alphabets to practice. (I just hope I can find the time!)

Fountain Pen Ink Collection

I have a grand total of six bottles of fountain pen ink now. I suppose every collection has to start small. I am loving all the colors which is my favorite part. I spent all of August abiding my by “no unnecessary spending” vow. I did very well and rewarded myself with the purchase of a Lamy fountain pen off of eBay. :squeee:! I can’t have more bottles of ink than I have fountain pens, can I?


Speaking of my addictions, I saw a fancy new notebook at Walgreens. It is Oxford brand Stone Paper Note Book. It appears the crew over at DIYPlanner already knew about it and there is a post here. I didn’t buy it because of my spending cap but I did take some time touching the unusual smooth plastic-like-feel paper. Maybe if I finish off a few notebooks, I’ll splurge on it. I believe it was around $3.50 at my local store if you were curious.

Iggy Pup on my pillow

This morning Matt left very early so I got up much earlier than I had planned. I think it was 6:30am. Iggy Pup sleeps in bed with us and was snoring heavily when I got up. I couldn’t justify disturbing his sleep. I use his sleeping-in time to cuddle with my kitties and get things done around the house. (Yes he tends to sleep in a lot!) I figured that around 8am he would want to get up and start his day with a nice walk or at least a potty break. I walked into the bedroom to find the lil puppy prince on my pillow! How can I not adore this puppy with all my heart – look at that face!

Take care and be well.

another week ending? already? Jiminy crickets!

This week went by so quickly, I am having trouble discerning one day from the other. I guess this post will be one giant amorphous blob of my week’s events.

Shall we start with my pants?

my new pants

No seriously. I found the best pants at Goodwill a few months back and misplaced them in the mess otherwise known as the bedroom. Wednesday can only be described as a cleaning marathon of insanity. The bedroom now resembles a sanctuary of sleep and not a back room storage facility. I love it! The highlight of the day was unearthing these kickin’ pants. They are khaki with dark brown embroidery in vertical lines. They are so comfy and I think they look nice on my new figure. I wish I hadn’t misplaced them in the first place. Definitely looking forward to donning my Hulk tshirt with these bad boys this week.

journal page

This journal page amuses me. I like my blob monsters a lot. See the monster is mad that his flower is wilting (because it never rains anymore), then he gets a brilliant idea about watering the flower to revive it but before he can act – an evil blue bird gnashes the flower and flies away. The end. And I really did take ballet as a kid. I was double jointed so all the positions were fun for me. I didn’t take it for very long and can only recall one pink tutu performance. Did I ever show you my Revenge of the Pinto Bean sketches? I have the story line started and I’m hoping to work on it this week. I wish I had more time to draw than just during car rides. The roads are just too bumpy!

big cup nom!

Friday was a deadline day. Deadline days are deadly and can only be survived by using my super hero mutant power – eating chocolate! Alright it isn’t really a mutant super hero power… but seriously – have you seen Reese’s Big Cups? They are very delicious and helped me endure my Friday at work.

my friday loves

Jerry often visits the Dollar Tree during lunch breaks and occasionally finds things that will inevitably keep me amused for days, weeks and possibly months. This week I was given a wind-up panda pencil sharpener! I don’t use pencils at work very often and mine is mechanical but seriously – its a panda pencil sharpener than walks! There is something very fun about the wind-up walk and that noise brings me back to my childhood. I used my black Sharpie pen all day on Friday and it had to get in on the arsenal photo.

crap load?

Saturday was filled to the brim with tasks and errands, chores and events. I snapped a shot of this truck in hopes that I can enter into the dictionary as a definition for the term “crap load”. The attached sentence would be something to this effect: “Alas, look at that crap load!” It is apparent that our local economy is suffering. I see more trucks filled to the brim of safety than ever before. My guess is that everyone is trying to make ends meet. I hope things improve soon.

post office ala kenosha

I sent a package out to Wales, UK. That required a visit to the local post office. I love the old architecture. My father worked at the high school across the street. The museum and court house also share the same neighborhood and style. It so classic and familiar. I can remember sitting in the back office while visiting my Dad at work, kneeling on the retro green couch and gazing out the window at the park in the center of all these colossal buildings. I miss spending days at work with my father – but I’m pretty sure he is enjoying his retirement.

what is on my tv tray

I use a TV tray as my center of operations in the living room. It isn’t the most efficient or comfortable option but it’s handy and I can move it out of the way. Some day I will have a space of my own in the extra bedroom turned studio. For now this will do. I received two uber books for my birthday from Matt. The Street Sketchbook is instant inspiration for me. Glimpses into artists’ sketchbooks are beyond captivating. The other is Basic Crochet Stitches. I cannot wait to start my crochet gifts for the holiday gift season. This book should keep me entertained.

old meets new

Last night Matt took Iggy Pup and me to the local drive-in movie theatre. We saw Harry Potter 6 and Orphan[<= liked very much] from his Eclipse. Today we enjoyed some time at my parent's. I think it's amusing that Mum n Dad still have our old rotary phone on the wall. Matt brought his MacBook and the juxtaposition of technology amused me so I snapped a photo. The rotary phone still is functional but everyone uses the cordless phone on the counter. Gotta love it.

Another week is about to begin. I'm buckling my seat belt – I hear August isn't too far off. Take care and be well.

July 12, 1979 was the start of my life as an individual. I hope to have many more years in my future. Part of me feels that I’ve failed myself. At such a young age I formulated certain plans and haven’t reached several of those goals. But on the other hand, I am still growing and exploring. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

I began this blog in March of 2007. Can you believe that its already July of 2009?! Where has the time gone… and how did I suddenly become 30 years old?

Back in 2007, I created a page that tells a little bit about myself. I reread it today and realized how much time has passed. I hope to accomplish a few things in the next year and I’m going to try to use this blog as a constant reminder that I need to keep focused.

I really want to get myself deeper into my art. Ideally a gallery show will occur but I’m not sure that is likely. I’ve heard that a local art store (with upstairs gallery) does a call for artists now and again. That will be my first path of possibility.

Next on my list of “self-improvement” is to read more. I read a lot of blogs but rarely find myself with a book in hand anymore. It makes me sad. I’ve been reading my current library selection for over two months.

I need to stop wasting time. I know I should turn the tele off more often and will have to make a more conscious effort. I need to break my current habit of just sitting and pondering what I should be doing. I also get lost at my computer. I need to keep tabs on how much time I’m letting slip past.

Organize, organize, organize! Maybe I should get this tattooed on my forehead or start chanting it as my daily mantra. Somewhere in the past months I have become completely unraveled. My planner is with me but isn’t helping any more. Bills are paid later than I care for, late fees at the library embarrass this librarian’s daughter, feeling like I’m forgetting things is really taking a toll. I picked up some 5 by 8 inch grid index cards from Office Depot for just 53 cents each pack today. Maybe I’ll use them. Maybe I’ll use one of the million notebooks I have acquired to go with my gazillion pens.

Here is a glimpse at my “currents”.

Currently Reading:
When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris

Current WIPs:
My ripple zig zag afghan in sunshine yellow and sky blue.
The tree drawing from my last post is in the same unfinished state that the photo depicts.
My crochet monkey is just a head and two rows of a neck.
A color pencil drawing I’m including with a package.

Current Pens:
Black Uniball Signo 0.7mm – pink awareness edition body.
Rotring Core with Private Reserve Supershow Blue.

Projects I’m mulling over:
More collages
Mini book (about 4 by 6 inches) held together with binder rings
Watercolor/Gouache painting to replicate one I dreamt about.

So much I want to do and so few hours in the day.

Thank you for visiting. Take care and be well.