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You may have asked yourself, what does Sara look at all the time? or you may not have and this post will just be another addition to the giant list of rambling posts you read to pass time.

I use Google Reader as my RSS feeder. I enjoy using the RSS reader since I enjoy so many different types of blogs and websites and rarely have enough time to visit each one in a day. Also, I find myself unable to relocate projects, templates, giveaways, freebies, ideas, artworks, etc etc again after the initial visit. Google Reader allows me to slack off on days when I’m busy and catch up on days I have time.

Here comes the fun~!
Are these awesome or what:

  • I’m always curious about what’s going on over at Doodlers Anonymous. Fun peaks into sketchbooks and other related posts about the artists and artworks.
  • Have you been bitten by the creative artsy-fartsy crafty bug yet? No? Stop over at Craft and I bet it won’t be long before you dive into a new project.
  • One of the reasons I am dying to learn to sew well and quilt is Comfortstitching. She is amazing. Her blog is so colorful and beautiful just like her quilts.
  • I just added Unconsumptiontonight. I am very sure I will be digging around more soon.
  • Are you loving paper goods? Cards, stationery, journals, letterpress goodies and more can be found and drooled at over at Crow and Canary.
  • I love losing track of time browsing at Design*Sponge. Prepare yourself for a showcase of many delectable examples.
  • Ever heard of letterpress? Enjoy It will get you acquainted with Elise Blaha and her love of letterpress and small books. I love both and her approach at it all.
  • Unclutterer gives me hope. I just need the motivation and time now. :wink: The Unitasker Wednesdays crack me up sometimes.

This is obviously only a tiny schampling of everything that sucks my free time away faster than I can drain a strawberry shake. I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what amuses me and maybe have acquired a new addition for your RSS reader.

Take care and be well.

Sometimes things get away from me. I lose track of time and soon find that an entire month has snuck past. I really wish June took a little longer so I could get more of things done that I had planned. Too bad there aren’t “Do Overs” in the adult world. Can you imagine how useful something like that would be?

I want to mention a new blog that I have added to my Google Reader. Its called “Sew I Do” and there is a great giveaway going on right now for a reversible tote bag. Click here for more information. The deadline is July 4th so be sure to swing by before then.

I find myself spending more and more time looking through creative and gorgeous blogs. People are so innately creative and amazing. I want to learn to sew and embroider. Quilting tantalizes my senses and makes my fingers tingle. If only I could make something so beautiful. I dive into Etsy shops and dream of creating printed or stamped cards and stationery, even silk-screened totes and tshirts. Perhaps I need to spend less time online and more time in the real world trying to learn these arts. The best thing about all the online viewing is inspiration. I have quite the surplus of places to turn to via Google Reader if my inspiration gauge runs down to empty.

Father’s Day has past but I wanted to share the gel medium transfer I used on my Daddy’s card. (Yes, I am a nearly 30 year old woman who uses the term Daddy.) The process is easy and the results are wonderful.

Father's Day Card

Matt’s cousin invited us to his wedding in Goshen, Indiana. This may come as a surprise to some but probably not to most – I do not dress up often. I’m a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. I wear the same Vans most days. This wedding meant I had to get all dolled up. I tried on every skirt and dress in my closet (which is not very many) and decided on an outfit. I had sandals that went well from the last wedding I attended some 5 years ago or more. The only missing item to my ensemble was a purse.

Monday after work I bought some of Vanna’s Choice yarn in Purple Mist which matched the paisley areas of my skirt. I did some digging online and settled on the Masa Bag pattern. Then began the crochet marathon. I had to work on Wednesday – my usual day off – so that lead to finishing the bag Thursday night around midnight. But I did it~! Before work on Wednesday, I found the cutest earrings for 25% off at the thrift shop across the street from work. They were only marked $1.99 but on sale is even better. I think the silver decoration adds a lot to the purse, don’t you?

My Masa Bag


Here is a shot of me all dressed up. I even painted my finger and toe nails to match my outfit and sported a Hello Kitty bandage.


Matt and I brought Iggy Pup on the adventure to Indiana. I think he enjoyed himself.

Road Trip with Iggy Pup

At work the other day I made this Pretty Pretty Princess License and hung it on the wall next to my desk. Nothing says power like a hand-made ultimate princess license!


The real world is calling… take care and be well.

This weekend was a good one. Saturday was beautiful and Iggy Pup and I went on two walks. While Matt was away fixing his car, Iggy decided he wanted to sleep in the sun. I couldn’t let him lay on the bare floor… so I brought his doggy bed into the dining room.

sunny spots are best

Iggy Pup on his bed of sunshine.

Sunday we took a mini trip to Lake Geneva. We have been visiting a specialty shop called “Paws For Treats” since Iggy Pup was just a lil squirt (6 mths-ish). The owners – Dave and Shelly – are just the nicest people and they adore Iggy and spoil him rotten. They have an excellent assortment of treats, accessories and even things for felines. If you ever make it to Lake Geneva – be sure to stop by their shop! After our visit, we walked around downtown and along the lake walk… the weather was so gorgeous! It made going to work today that much harder.

I also made progress in the crochet realm of my life. I have successfully used an entire skein of the blue yarn for my afghan and have a less-than-fist-sized ball of yellow left before that skein is gone. I am so proud of myself. This is officially the largest thing I have crocheted! I started it at the beginning of the year. It is a basic ripple pattern with skinnier ripple rows on the ends… well on one end so far.
Crochet Afghan - WIP
I had Matt snap this picture during our lunch today after Iggy and I went on a quick walk. I love the sunshine. The blanket reminds me of sun and blue skies too. I can’t wait to finish it and use it for a lovely nap with the windows wide open.

Notice the green fleece? St. Patty’s Day is tomorrow and to celebrate, I will be wearing more green. Matt made corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight. I must say that our slow cooker was one of the best Christmas presents. (Thanks Jen!)

Tonight I hope to get some organizational things done. I printed out a few more calendars to fill in since my first batch ends with April. I have to share how much I adore Oh.Amanda for her phenomenal diy planner template creations available over at Ahhh-design.com I’m using page 5 of the black and white series on our refrigerator. I like being able to put stuff on there and encourage Matt to do the same. I’m not sure we will ever have the same habits when it comes to tracking things or organizing and planning…

In the design and artsy side of things… I’m working on a “great” idea – “Uvula Is Not A Dirty Word” … I have it sketched out and will be inking it this week. I’m thinking of offering it on t-shirts like my “got hpda” logo thing. Its likely that no one will buy one but its still fun. I did some checking and no one has that idea out there yet or at least I didn’t see any other versions.

Time goes so fast these days. I walked Iggy after work tonight and it was still sunny out. I can’t wait until the days get even longer. I don’t do well without sunshine. It won’t be too much longer before I’m up to my elbows in dirt and my gardens are blooming. :}

Iggy’s Sweater… my first attempt at dog clothes without a pattern.

**Disclaimer – I have never written a crochet tutorial before and did not keep any type of notes for Iggy’s Sweater. Please keep this is in mind. I frogged quite a lot of stitches to get this sweater exactly how I wanted it to fit Iggy Pup. Please don’t get discouraged and keep that puppy handy for fittings!

My father’s friend is a foster home for CRUSA and just got Paris who is in need of some winter warmth. I am crocheting a sweater for her using this method. Find out more about Paris here

I used Red Heart in “Earth and Sky” for Iggy and “Pink Camo” for Paris.

First off – the collar.
The collar is very simple. Chain the desired height of the collar. I chained so it was approximately three inches long.
Hdc (half double crochet) in each chain across.
Chain 2 or 3 for turning chain. (Iggy’s sweater was done with 2, the Paris sweater is done with 3 for a more frilly scalloped appearance).
Hdc in the back loop only.
Chain 2 or 3 for turning chain.
Hdc in between the stitches.
Keep repeating this until the collar is long enough to fit comfortably around the dog’s neck.

Now resist the urge to stitch up the collar into a circle. I think it makes fittings much easier :)

Now onto the body.

Attach the yarn at a corner (I simply decided which edge was the best and connected it to the other one).
Sc (single crochet) in each stitch around.
When you get to opposite corner of the collar keep going.
You could use stitch markers if you were concerned with being precise but I didn’t for Iggy’s sweater.

The sweater is going to start taking shape :) You are creating the shoulder and upper chest areas.

Fit the dog and stop when you get to the top of the front legs.

Crochet the chest piece separately from the back. I just marked where Iggy’s legs were with twist ties and just went back and forth until there was ample room for a leg hole.

Next crochet the back piece. You can judge how your dogs leg holes should be shaped. (Many dog sweaters in stores simply have a slit) Crochet the back piece until its long enough to reach just behind the front leg.

Sc from the back piece into the chest piece. (They should be approximately the same length so connecting them is easy-cheesy).

Continue Sc. This will form the belly of the sweater.

Fittings are important during this stage. Boy dogs will need you to be more precise in where you end the round and round scing.

When the belly is long enough, start scing back and forth using 1 turning chain.
In order to shape the end of the sweater, I dc’d a few times in each row.

Continue until the sweater is as long as desired.

Now the sleeves!
I was not concerned with tapering the sleeves. I thought they were pretty adorable straight.

Attach the yarn to a corner of the arm slit.
Sc in each stitch around and keep going. (Again feel free to use stitch markers but know Iggy’s was done without ’em)
Make the sleeves as long as desired.
Repeat for the other sleeve.

Finishing on Iggy’s sweater – I did the crab stitch on the cuff of each sleeve and on the bottom of the sweater. It added a nice finished look.

Finally, stitch up the collar, weave in your ends and tell your pampered pet that the masterpiece is ready! :o)

♥ Stripes – thick or thin they will add some style and interest.
♥ Crocheting for a diva dog? how about some ripples or even a cute ruffles on the sleeves and butt end.
♥ Embellish – add some buttons or even some crochet flowers.
♥ Use a different stitch than the Sc… hdc or dc will create more open airy sweater.

Please feel free to ask questions or offer comments, criticisms, etc.

I have so many things I want to do…

I know, everyone does, right?

But I have some things in the works for this blog. I would love input…
♥ DIY Tutorial for Iggy’s Sweater
♥ My Review of the totally cute Hi-Tec-C Hello Kitty pen from JetPens

♥ Links to some great blogs I have enjoyed… how could I live without these for so long?
♥ DIY Tutorial for Kitty toys
♥ DIY Tutorial for Small Animal toys (mice, hamsters, etc)
I really want to be a more active blogger and share what creative things are apart of my life. WIP (works in progress) will probably become a regular topic since I can’t keep my crochet hooks still. I have a crazy desire to learn how to do more than just knit (like perling and really knitting something).

My current list of WIPs:

    ♥ Ripple afghan
    ♥ Amigurumi monkey
    ♥ New dog sweater for Cairn Terrier CRUSA rescue “Paris”
    ♥ Altered book pages (painting, drawing, collage, etc)
    ♥ additional DIYPLANNER style planner templates

I want to extend a thank you to everyone who has stopped by this blog. It means a lot to me that there are people interested in what I am doing :o) Take care, be well.

Why pay oodles of money for a dog sweater when you can make your own? :D

Iggy breaks my heart when he shivers so I knew I needed to create something to keep the lil pup warm this winter. I grabbed the Red Heart “earth & sky” yarn and a crochet hook. This was all done without a pattern… Not too shabby, eh?

First I whipped up the collar. I used the back loop method of creating a ribbed material. Next I worked the body leaving space for the arm holes. Sleeves were last. I finished it all of with a crab stitch.

Comments and criticism always welcome. He’s been happily wearing it during his outside adventures since early January.

Be well.