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It’s November 6th today – I know because I had to write a check. I can’t express how fast this year has gone for me. I feel like I should be spinning in circles or worse.

NaNoJouMo is going well! I spent last night digging around for paper and things to construct a 30 page journal from. I settled on a piece of tagboard for the cover and old book pages for the text block. I didn’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to sew it all together so I grabbed my masking tape and went to work. Three pieces on each spread is holding it together. So far so good.

I spent today taking care of the zoo and working on my first pages. I don’t think any of them are quite done yet but I wanted to share. The prompts can be found daily at D’Blogala but they are just there if you need them. Dawn’s reminder today helped me take the plunge. It’s not necessary to finish an entire page – Just make progress in your Art Journal. I’m proud of what I accomplished.

These are the pages that are “mostly done.” I can’t say I’m finished but I really like how they are right now.

"Inception" for NaNoJouMo

"Choice" for NaNoJouMo

"Fortune" for NaNoJouMo

"Equanimity" for NaNoJouMo

Here is a “work in progress” photo. The “Quarter” page needed to dry so I’ll certainly be working on that more. The page on the right shows the gel transfer drying compared to the more finished version above. For these pages I used stamps, gel medium transfers, print outs, metallic markers, metallic pens, Pitt artist pens, magazine scraps, book scraps, watercolors, watercolor pencils, manila paper and dried flowers.

Pages in progress for NaNoJouMo

My Daily Doodles are updated. Visit my Flickr set to view #88 through #94. Can you believe that I’ve doodled almost a hundred things? I’m impressed that I’ve stuck with it. Granted I have had a couple “catch-up” incidents.

I am looking forward to working on my NaNoJouMo art journal tomorrow. I had to stop because the sun disappeared. We set our clocks back tonight which means I will have some sunlight before I get to work but less chance of seeing the sun after work. I wish I could bottle the sun for taking photos and working on art. I really think I’m solar-powered. No sun means Sara has no energy. We’re starting the hardest time of the year for me – I sure hope I can do this… again.

Be well. (Don’t forget to check your smoke detector batteries!)

#dailyarsenal 11.3.10

It started with a sharpened pencil and a pad of paper. But things change. I’m pretty attuned to my inner voices and I knew on Wednesday I had to do some replanning for November.

Yes I am jumping ship on NaNoWriMo with a total word count of 4,466. But I am getting on another party boat. NaNoJouMo is something that will give me the versatility I need for this month. I want to spend more time with Oliver kitty before we have to say goodbye. I want to be supportive to Matthew who just lost his Grandfather. I’d like to rally my inner troops and sell something I create before too much longer. The holidays are coming so I’ll need to make gifts. November is just going to have to be ready for some multi-tasking. NaNoJouMo as a creative outlet is hopefully going to fit better.

I’m about to go start my NaNoJouMo journal. I want to create a little mixed paper style book just for this. I think I’ll raid the recycling bag. Wish me luck.

There are some new Daily Doodles in my Flickr set.
81  10.21.10 82  10.22.10 83  10.23.10 84 10.24.10 85  10.25.10 86  10.26.10 87  10.27.10

Thanks for dropping by. Be well.

The Pitt and the Pendulum

I have a weakness for Edgar Allan Poe. I think it was reading so many stories throughout school. Lately I have a hankering to reread his stories and poetry. Last week I remembered a Papermate Pendulum pen I had acquired on a whim long ago. Then of course my brain said “The Pitt and the Pendulum” which led to snapping a photo and then this blog posting.

I’m enjoying free readings of “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” for free via iTunes tonight. Its a nice way to wind down after a day of work.

Halloween is just three days away and our plans have changed quite a bit. My costume is non-existent and we never did replace our pumpkins. The warm weather has created a moldy mess out of our un-smashed franken-pumpkin. I haven’t altered Iggy Pup’s cowboy costume. He’s too broad chested for the store bought ones. Not sure what I’ll do for him. He’s big on the dressing up thing ya know. It just seems like life is full of curve balls lately. We do have candy for Tricks or Treats though. But Matt is hoping to visit his grandfather in the hospital so who knows what this weekend will bring.

I’ve finally updated my Daily Doodle set so pop over and take a gander at Flickr.

It’s time to feed the kitties. Oliver is still holding on but is slowing down. If only I could cure him and keep with with me always. I will miss my little sunshine man more than words will ever express.


Be well.

I’ve uploaded more Daily Doodles. Here are the thumbnails:
59  9/29/10 60  9/30/10 61  10/1/10 62  10/2/10 63  10/3/10 64  10/4/10 65  10/5/10 66  10/6/10 67  10/7/10

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I’ve been slacking on the blog thing lately and I’m sorry. Autumn is upon us here so I’ve been doing a dress rehearsal for hibernation. In all seriousness, I have a tutorial, a giveaway and silly post in the works so don’t disappear.

Be well.

Fifty-nine days ago I started the Daily Doodle challenge. Its been a lot of fun. Some nights I do fall asleep before doodling but I’m sure to grab my little book and pen first thing the following morning. I’m telling you this because its the truth and think its a good thing to admit. No one is perfect. In fact, I love that I’m not.

The Daily Doodle page started off as a great way to share this adventure. Unfortunately I cannot break it down into further pages to quicken the loading time. I’ve decided to type updates like this post that link over to my “Daily Doodle” set on Flickr. I hope this is acceptable. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I’ve updated the Daily Doodle set on Flickr with these beauties. These are just thumbnails.
55  9.25.10 56  09.26.10 57  09.27.10 58  09.28.10

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