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Wow… it has been a long time.  I hope to keep things more frequent – actually thats why I’m here. I’ve fallen out of my organization-productivity groove and I am desperate to find a new one (if not rediscover the old one). Are you curious? Continue reading

Introducing the DIY circa/rolla hPDA Dock! hpdadock2

I love having the portability of the hPDA by itself.  Its small and easy to bring along with me at all times.  However, when its time to process the inbox or I have the ability to bring along my larger planner – it felt awkward having the two separate entities.  Often the little hPDA would slip off my stack and fall into that dark dirty area between the car seat and the door. (You know that horrible place that claims your most prized possessions.)  This idea stemmed from my success with the DIY 2-in-1 Combo Rolla/Circa Notebook and the need to keep these two necessities together.

There are two options.  You can either opt to create a cover for your main planner that extends roughly a half an inch above the normal edge of your planner.  I chose the other option since I am still playing around with which setup I like most.  I created a card stock insert that extends above the top of the planner just under a half an inch.  It is smurfed on the side (where it snaps into the main planner) and the top (where the hPDA “docks”).

This picture shows two sets of smurfs (the rolla/circa punch shapes).  This allows me to use the same insert for both my junior size planner and my quarter sheet size notebook.  If you utilize one main planner – you will probably only need one set of smurfs.


Placing the insert further back in the planner will allow you to utilize both notebooks simultaneously – which is great for GTD reviews and clearing your Inbox/Brain Dump.

It may be necessary to reinforce your insert.  I use clear packing tape because I am DIYSara but you could splurge on actual lamination.  The more durable the insert, the longer your DIY hPDA Dock of Greatness will be helping you GTD!

Here is a picture of my current setup.  I recently bought myself a birthday present – a Levenger Compact Zip Folio.  It currently holds my circa/rolla quarter page notebook with docked circa/rolla hPDA.  I’m excited to see how this new setup works out in my quest for organizational zen. 

 hpdadock5 ps. I did design those business cards :D