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My heart

I failed to reach my goal of 5 hours of work. I managed 4 hours and felt like I contributed. But disappointment threatens to overcome the accomplishment. I did better than last week and stayed the same length of time as yesterday. Somehow that is nearly not good enough despite my discomfort and exhaustion. Could I have pushed harder?

This afternoon I tried to tuck my ankle into the background and focus on the movies my Mum and I watched. I struggled and picked up my knitting. I can’t trust myself to knit or purl without looking, so it was slow going and I had to unknit a couple rows.

I took the photo of Toby (above) while he snuggled and purred. My cats have been very good nurses since the accident. Iggy Pup has also helped me find comfort during the last month mostly spent in bed. I snapped the below photo when he was trying to get comfortable. Apparently my blankets are better than his.

Sometimes cuteness just happens

AEDM is helping me to spot creative opportunities. I have a couple ideas bubbling away that I hope I have the energy to start sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted.

Be well.

I imagine an army of nurse bees with knitting needles buzzing around my ankle knitting my bones back together ^^

It’s hard to describe how my ankle feels. Pins-and-needles when your appendages fall asleep is pretty accurate. Sometimes it feels like a whole swarm of bees is buzzing around in there, almost like it’s alive with electricity. I’ve been told that visualizing healing is beneficial. The swarms of bees put on nurse hats and picked up knitting needles to mend my breaks and repair the dislocation damage. Today I drew just that.

Knitting. Scarf in progress.

I’ve been working on my knit scarf. Knit a row, purl a row. It’s slow going because I’m not very graceful but I am making progress. I love this yarn! It’s Red Heart Super Saver. I think the color is called Primary but I’ve lost the band. I love working the rows and watching the colors transition.

I might do something else artsy before bed but there’s so much other stuff that needs to get done. Most of it involves paperwork – blarf. I shouldn’t complain as it’s been a pleasant weekend. I hope yours was a good one!

Be well.