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I began this year with one planner. I won a 2012-2013 Paperblanks planner and had moved into it before the end of last year. It’s a horizontal weekly layout or a week-on-two-pages as some would call it. I had trouble parting with my Moleskine weekly but I did it and transferred much of the overlapping months into the new Paperblanks.


But then something happened. I found a Orange Circle Studio weekly planner for just a dollar and I had a dollar so it came home with me. Could I use two planners simultaneously? What would I put in one and not in the other or should I put stuff in both?


Not long after a friend sent me a 2012-2013 Filofax refill which was the only thing stopping me from using my Olive Urban personal Filofax binder. The plot thickened. Now I had three options.

The fourth planner resulted from a pair of generous Twitter friends. One sent me a red Finsbury Filofax binder. A real one. In red. And it’s awesome. I love it. The other awesome Twitter friend gifted an awesome Dutch weekly calendar and monthly pages. The binder and refill combine forces to become option number four.

I have four planners for 2013 and I’m stumped. Absolutely stuck in plannered confusion. Should I try one of the others? Do I dare attempt to separate my planning into multiple places? If I try a different planner, should I copy everything over? I’m afraid to mark them up in case I should give them to someone else… Should I have a giveaway?

Any and all helpful advice or insight is welcome. I am still in the process of hunting down a new job so my needs might change again but for now… I just feel guilty not using the three other options. This has all become too confusing to figure out on my own. :)

My Plannerd Week 3

Here is My Week 3. Not a lot going on. Lots of job hunting and movie watching. I should start logging movies too. Might as well, right? One year I kept a list of every movie I watched. I like lists.

My BIC ReAction 0.5 pencil was my main writer this week again. I’m thinking I need to use some gel pens. Maybe get some colors going. Speaking of color, I tested out my PaperMate Intro highlighters in my Paperblanks planner and was happy to see very little to no show-through. Score! I’ll work on color coding more things since I have pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I tried to find my neon color pencils but had no luck. I also can’t locate my Sharpie Gel highlighters. Doh.

Under my Paperblanks planner is House of Doolittle Weekly/Monthly Appointment Planner. A lovely friend sent it to me. I’m hoping to incorporate this into my system of tracking things.

How is your 2013 starting off? What planner are you using or do roll without one? Do you prefer inky or dry highlighters?

Be well.

I collect things. Odds and ends. Bits and bobbles. Ephemera. Miscellaneous things that catch my eye for one reason or another. I’ve found that keeping them in a bag makes keeping tabs on them a lot easier. Also, I think my partner in residence would agree it keeps things neater. Granted I still find ways to clutter up the clean. It’s a gift.

Tea tag tabs!

I enjoy sipping tea. It is liquid comfort in a cup. My addiction can be blamed on my father and grandmother. I can’t remember a visit with my Nani without my Papa bringing her a mug full of hot tea. Since my change in employment, I find myself digging in my tea stash for the perfect blend to match my mood. I keep some of my tea tags. I sometimes stick them in my journal but lately I was fubbling with a few ideas and this one seemed so obvious but I had never done it before nor have I seen evidence of it being used by others. I give you TEA TAG TABS!

Tea tag tabs!

I dug out a few tea tags from my bag of goodies. Tazo tea tags are particularly lovely. The Bigelow are colorful and very nice also. Occasionally I’ll sip tea with my China Buffet meals. Who doesn’t love dragons?

Tea tag tabs!

Some notebooks need tabs. Everything books definitely need a way to flip to desired sections or pages. Some planners also benefit from tabs. Labeling tabs isn’t always necessary but I can see a nice Dymo label stuck to these colorful tabs if needed. Color coding would be possible too. Green mint for Finances, Passion Purple for Projects, etc…

Tea tag tabs!

TEA TAG TABS! Will you use this idea? What will you be gluing tea tag tabs into? I’d love to hear your ideas – feel free to comment (as always).

Be Well.

First you start off with one pen… One simple fountain pen. Then you acquire a bottle of fountain pen ink. Then whoopsies you threw off the equilibrium of the universe and now have two bottles of ink but just one pen. That must change. Soon another pen crawls into your arsenal and brings a friend. Once again the unbalance is heartbreaking and destroys your karma so you get some more fountain pen ink.

We’ve all been there right? (If not, go on – try to get just one fountain pen and one bottle of ink – then stop back and let me know how your downward fountain pen related spiral is progressing. Fun, isn’t it? hehe)

So you have pens and inks coming out of your ears and its so easy to forget what pens are inked with which delicious color so I’ve thought of a great way to utilize those Rhodia No. 10 notepads we all have. You have one too right? The cutest most adorable little two by three inch pads of luscious and cooperative French Rhodia paper? If not you’ll just have to find one or two or three. (Yes I have issues with paper too).

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

First thing you’ll need to do is decide which notebook you are going to log your pens and inks in. This step is easier for some than for others. Next grab your removable glue stick. If you have never heard of removable glue sticks, you are in for a world of fun. They allow you to turn a piece of any paper into a removable sticky note. Mine is Avery brand but I am aware of other companies putting out the same product.

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

Tear out one of those cute Rhodia No 10 pieces of paper.

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

Write your ink name on it. Add a nice swab of it if you’d like or anything else that will help you recall why you adore that ink so much.

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

After the ink dries, flip over the paper and apply your removable glue stick. I let it dry for a bit before the next step.

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

In your designated notebook stick the ink under the name of the pen in which it is loaded.

Rhodia Fountain Pen Ink Tracker

TA – DA~! Its simple, its easy, its environmentally friendly. And best of all – you’ll always know what pen is inked and with which of your oodles of inks.

Don’t limit yourself to just an ink tracker. You can also create ink menus. Its autumn so maybe mix and match your ink swatches to create a great complimentary palette and then get to flushing those fountain pens! Or maybe you like keeping your bottles in spectrum order – why not have a record of what ink is in which bottle so you don’t have to disturb them all to refill. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy and be well.

I’ve been asked what I carry around in my daily bag or “purse” if you prefer that term.

what's in my bag

Click to go to flickr - more sizes and notes available.

I carry WAY too many pens and markers. I’ve started using a make-up style pouch to hold them so I don’t have to unpack and refill my bag every time I search for THE one. The other pouch holds my Carmex lip balm, lip gloss, oil absorbent papers, nail file, contact drops, advil and other meds. My Circa/Rolla compact size planner is always with me. I’m getting myself back into the habit of writing everything down. Too many things nearly missed or late for my tastes. My journal is usually with me too. I like to doodle on the way to work. I’ve declared one glue stick for travel only so I never leave home without it. I try to keep clutter and receipts under control but you can see, there is usually some bits and pieces that manage to remain. The last thing I try to keep close at hand is my camera. Some days you will find a pack of colored pencils or a set of markers in my bag as well. Afterall, a girl always needs to be prepared.

Take care and be well.

July 12, 1979 was the start of my life as an individual. I hope to have many more years in my future. Part of me feels that I’ve failed myself. At such a young age I formulated certain plans and haven’t reached several of those goals. But on the other hand, I am still growing and exploring. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

I began this blog in March of 2007. Can you believe that its already July of 2009?! Where has the time gone… and how did I suddenly become 30 years old?

Back in 2007, I created a page that tells a little bit about myself. I reread it today and realized how much time has passed. I hope to accomplish a few things in the next year and I’m going to try to use this blog as a constant reminder that I need to keep focused.

I really want to get myself deeper into my art. Ideally a gallery show will occur but I’m not sure that is likely. I’ve heard that a local art store (with upstairs gallery) does a call for artists now and again. That will be my first path of possibility.

Next on my list of “self-improvement” is to read more. I read a lot of blogs but rarely find myself with a book in hand anymore. It makes me sad. I’ve been reading my current library selection for over two months.

I need to stop wasting time. I know I should turn the tele off more often and will have to make a more conscious effort. I need to break my current habit of just sitting and pondering what I should be doing. I also get lost at my computer. I need to keep tabs on how much time I’m letting slip past.

Organize, organize, organize! Maybe I should get this tattooed on my forehead or start chanting it as my daily mantra. Somewhere in the past months I have become completely unraveled. My planner is with me but isn’t helping any more. Bills are paid later than I care for, late fees at the library embarrass this librarian’s daughter, feeling like I’m forgetting things is really taking a toll. I picked up some 5 by 8 inch grid index cards from Office Depot for just 53 cents each pack today. Maybe I’ll use them. Maybe I’ll use one of the million notebooks I have acquired to go with my gazillion pens.

Here is a glimpse at my “currents”.

Currently Reading:
When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris

Current WIPs:
My ripple zig zag afghan in sunshine yellow and sky blue.
The tree drawing from my last post is in the same unfinished state that the photo depicts.
My crochet monkey is just a head and two rows of a neck.
A color pencil drawing I’m including with a package.

Current Pens:
Black Uniball Signo 0.7mm – pink awareness edition body.
Rotring Core with Private Reserve Supershow Blue.

Projects I’m mulling over:
More collages
Mini book (about 4 by 6 inches) held together with binder rings
Watercolor/Gouache painting to replicate one I dreamt about.

So much I want to do and so few hours in the day.

Thank you for visiting. Take care and be well.

Sunday was laundry day. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the adventure of going to a public laundry. I packed up my Sharpie Ultra Fine marker & Sharpie pen, Prang Fine Line Markers, and my sketchbook and we set out. I managed to get three “doodles” done. Two were more sketch-like than I have done in the past. All of them play with activating negative space and color.

The sketchbook I brought is a 6 by 6 inch wire bound “Reflexions” that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I do not care for how the paper takes the Prang Fine Line markers. I noticed quite a bit of feathering and bleeding of colors into one another. I had not run into that when I had used Bic permanent markers earlier. I also had no issue using watercolor washes in this sketchbook. Live and learn, right? In the future I will try some colored pencils and see how things look.

The Sharpie Ultra Fine is a great marker. I wish it were just a tad bit finer. I plan on doing a comparison of “Ultra Fine” markers one of these days. I found it difficult to get as fine of a line as I initially wanted and almost switched over to the Sharpie pen but resisted the urge. The Prang markers were inexpensive and I like the bold colors. One complaint I have is that the blue and purple are way too similar. I feel this ruined the first “doodle” of the day.

I love that the Prang set includes gray. Its a fast way to shade quick sketches and doodles. It also compliments the yellow and sky blue shown below.

I have a fascination with orange these days and love the bright and bold combination of red, yellow and orange. This was finished just before the dryers got done and laundry folding commenced.

Yesterday was another deadline day. I wasn’t sure what pen I was going to grab on my way out the door … Monday night I had considered my fushia Flair or my pink Sarasa. When the time came, I tossed my purple Magna Tank 0.5mm in my bag and headed to work.

These pens are made by Peachtree Playthings and bare the name INC. The set of blue, black, red, green and purple can be purchased at Wal-Mart. I have also found 2 packs of just the black and blue at the local dollar store.

The pens have a nice needle tip and substantial barrel. There is a nice grip area and the cap posts solidly. There is some drag when writing with these pens but it is not an unpleasant experience. The gel ink is smooth and the line is consistent. I haven’t run into any skipping or blobbing. This pen was a great choice for a deadline Tuesday.

The above photo shows writing samples for both the 0.5mm Magna Tank in purple and the Liquid Expresso in blue that I utilized yesterday. As I stated yesterday, for a medium liquid ink pen, the Expresso does a great job letting you write small in small places.

Today my arsenal included my Uniball Signo 207 again and EASTER EGG DYE!!! I know – egg dying is aimed at children younger than 29. Oh well :] Matt and I visited my parents for egg decorating and some Boggle.
We brought home 11 eggs … They may not look like much but our eggs are artistic and ma’velous. Most of the extra special ones are still at my parent’s. I think they sent us home with the ‘rejects’ lol.

Boggle is a serious game in my family. Everyone plays for keeps. Mom usually laughs because I dig my pen of choice out of my purse before we begin. Today it was the Signo 207 Micro in blue. I won a fair number of games so it must have been the right choice.

There, now we are all caught up :] Are you enjoying these “Daily Arsenal” posts? Want to share what pen you used today and why? Feel free to leave a comment.

Take care and be well.