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Knitting kitty

Normally I don’t work three days in a row but the holiday inspired wonkiness and I managed just over four hours today. I’m happy with my achievements this week and it’s only Wednesday.

Lavinia kitty has claimed my lap as her place when I’m resting in bed. This afternoon I knitted a bit while I waited for my ankle to calm down. It doesn’t seem to enjoy showers as much as it should. The good thing is the water feels less bizarre on my leg and foot. I still don’t like looking at the incision sites and bruising but that’s normal, right?.

Now it is time to finish off the pumpkin pie and rest. I’m not quite sure how the holiday thing will go tomorrow but I am very thankful for so many things.

Be well.

Iggy cuddles to start the day :) #bostonterrier

The day isn’t over yet. I’m going to sit up and knit a bit before I call it a night and return to my pillow. This will be my eighteenth day of AEDM and posting here. I can’t give up now.

I worked over four hours this morning and managed to feel comfortable for a short time. Monday I’m going to really push myself. But today, Iggy Pup and I are grateful for cozy blankets and cuddles. Whining ankles can’t even stop us from getting snuggly.

Be well.

My heart

I failed to reach my goal of 5 hours of work. I managed 4 hours and felt like I contributed. But disappointment threatens to overcome the accomplishment. I did better than last week and stayed the same length of time as yesterday. Somehow that is nearly not good enough despite my discomfort and exhaustion. Could I have pushed harder?

This afternoon I tried to tuck my ankle into the background and focus on the movies my Mum and I watched. I struggled and picked up my knitting. I can’t trust myself to knit or purl without looking, so it was slow going and I had to unknit a couple rows.

I took the photo of Toby (above) while he snuggled and purred. My cats have been very good nurses since the accident. Iggy Pup has also helped me find comfort during the last month mostly spent in bed. I snapped the below photo when he was trying to get comfortable. Apparently my blankets are better than his.

Sometimes cuteness just happens

AEDM is helping me to spot creative opportunities. I have a couple ideas bubbling away that I hope I have the energy to start sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted.

Be well.

Possibilities with @PentelofAmerica

I didn’t sleep well last night and my day began long before the sun rose. I grabbed my journal and some pens and set out to put something on paper.

I'm remembering how great this is...

It was a nice distraction to doodle for a bit. It’s very freeing and therapeutic. Just make up stuff to fill the space, let go and enjoy.

Ankle hasn't shut up all morning so I've taken it outside for some fresh air. It's chilly :D

My ankle and other muscles are sore today. Two straight days of pushing was bound to catch up with me. Since my ankle wouldn’t quiet down, I took it outside for some fresh air. It was sunny but chilly. I sat on the porch and tried to keep warm.

Iggy has joined me ^^ I haven't sketched from life in ages! I forget how lol
Iggy joined my quest for fresh air and warmth so we huddled together under a couple jackets. I attempted to sketch the white pumpkin across from me. I haven’t sketched from life in a very long time and I’m quite rusty.

Sunny cat nap

It didn’t take long for the last couple of days and poor sleep to catch up with me. I came inside and made the slow and unpleasant ascent back up the stairs to bed. Medicine and rest with an ice pack for a garnish did help. This afternoon I even worked a bit on the knit scarf I started ages ago. All in all today can be counted as a success I think, don’t you?

Be well.

My Toby cuddles nearly all day now.

I can’t decide between NaNoWriMo or NaNoJouMo or NaBloPoMo.

It’s November 1st at 6:19pm so I better decide eh?

At least I have a cuddling kitty to keep me company while I weigh my options.

What fun are you joining this month?

Another possibility!: AEDM

I had big plans for the month of October. I was going to return to the world of blogging, get organized, crochet a Halloween costume for Iggy, and the list goes on.
Unfortunately, on October 8th an accident happened. Matt, Iggy and I were planning on enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon at the dog park when we were involved in the a serious car collision. The other driver was completely at fault and I struggle to use the term “accident” even though I know it wasn’t intentional.
Thankfully Matt, Iggy and I are okay. My injuries are the worst. I fractured three bones in my left ankle, bruised my chest muscles and got a nasty abrasion on my right hip. I came home from the ER that night and have been confined to bed ever since.
My ankle surgery took place on October 19th and I’m on the mend. I am making slow progress, the pills I take keep me comfortable but cause me to lose track of time and sleep a lot. But I am going to be okay. Pins and a plate are helping my ankle heal and this Friday my new Doctor will see how things are progressing. I will return to work and blogging and life will gradually become a familiar journey again.
Things will return to normal and I will post more frequently again. I hope you’ll keep visiting, I’ve missed this. Take care. Be safe.



Have you ever seen something at a store and justified the purchase cost solely based on curiosity?  I give you Mallo-Licious. These were sitting on the shelf with other Easter candies. Jelly filled marshmallow treats – how could I resist? Well I probably could have but the fifty cent price tag made up my mind. I haven’t opened either flavor yet. I’m too mesmerized by the odd pastel color and fluffy round shapes. Each one has a peculiarly simulated leaf on top. I honestly would like to get into a fight using these as weapons. Wouldn’t that be fun? I really do wonder how they taste. Are they as soft as I think they should be? I’ll update if I get brave. Tomorrow is deadline day so I might be forced to try these in hopes of Alice in Wonderland “Eat Me” type results. I’ll report back if the outcome is bizarrely magnificent. Or if I end up loving them and buy out the clearance section.

New friend :)

I also found a cute little stuffed dinosaur toy for just seventy-five cents. Matt and I took turns testing out the durability and decided it should hold up to Iggy Pup’s loving abuse for awhile. He seems to like it.

I brought 5 tulips to work today

Last week I took some daffodils to work. I needed the bright color. Today I discovered the blooms had wilted and left my work area dull again. During lunch I cut some tulips. Three white (which are more of a very pale yellow) and two purple now adorn my desk. I don’t use fancy vases. Instead, I use plastic bottles from the recycle bin. I should really crochet a cozy to dress it up a bit.

Not much else to report. I’m in a bit of a rut these days. Trying to shake it – so far I’ve done a tiny bit of gardening. I’ll wrap things up with a few recent photos. Take care and be well.

Singled out

Leaf buds :) Finally

Fav daffodils are finally blooming.

More flowers.