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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 40,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


It hasn’t even been a week since surgery. I think I’m being too harsh with myself. I didn’t expect any unforeseen issues with my cartilage and neither did my awesome doctor. I need to step back, relax and let myself heal. Life is full of the unexpected. I know this well. Life should be full if kindness and understanding. I’ll try to refocus and breathe slowly. No point in berating myself when I’m already knee deep in the unexpected. Right?

I’m pretty certain everyone has at least one roll of washi or deco tape. In case you do not, I have a previous tutorial up on how to make your own using plain old masking tape HERE


I wanted my planner spread to have more of a sea life feel to it. I have decorative edge scissors and figured I’d give this idea a try.

I cut a bit of my dark blue washi tape and applied it to some waxed paper. I used my fancy schmancy edged scissors to cut the tape and waxed paper. I peeled off the tape after cutting and stuck it into my planner. Ta Da! I’m looking forward to using this method to decorate more planner spreads in the future.

Have you done this before or will you be trying this in the future?

Take care and be well.

My Plannerd Week 32 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 32, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

I’ve been considering having the metal plate removed from my ankle for awhile. It won’t fix the tendinitis but the surgery would allow my doc to clean up in there. Unfortunately surgery means surgery. I’m not keen on the idea of reopening my ankle or anesthesia or recovery or being out of work without any pay for up to four weeks. I’m anxious and no date has even been set. I’m letting the “what if” monster consume me even though I know better…

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 31 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 31, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

Everything is getting that fast toward blurry feeling. It’s August already. August?! Where has the year gone?

When my ankle is acting like a cranky old coot, I am forced to take it easy and abandon my plans. There has been a lot of this since I started my new job in March. The good part of being forced to rest is I can read a lot. I’ve been devouring books. I’ve read 17 books adding up to over 7500 pages. Not too shabby eh?

I try to be content every day. I may not be running around doing everything I want to do but at least I can smile every day. My ankle needs time and while she takes it, I’ll do my best to keep on trucking. In my own way.

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 30 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 30, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

I can’t resist Hello Kitty stuff. We were in Indiana and took Matt’s Gramma to Michael’s. right by the checkout was Hello Kitty clearance heaven. I got a pen. Yep. Another pen. How many pens do I own? Is a gabilllion a real number?

Buy pens and be well.

My Plannerd Week 29 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 29, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

Nothing too exciting here. I developed a new bump next to the plate on my recovering ankle. I’m hoping it doesn’t set me too far back in my attempt to reach a level of normalcy. I’m trying to be more diligent in my exercising – not just my ankle but all of me. My tendinitis has been better so I really want to get stronger and back to my life.

I bought some Inc brand Couture ballpoints and highlighters at the dollar store. I like the fun barrel designs. ( One is in the photo.) They write well but occasionally there is a blob of ink. The highlighters are nice and not too juicy. I hate bleed thru.

I’m really missing fountain pens as I haven’t inked one up or written with one in over 2 months. I’ll have to rectify that very soon. The only problem is picking which pen, which nib and which ink!

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 28 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 28, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

My birthday week spread isn’t very festive, is it? I did have a nice birthday though. I worked both Friday and Saturday but Matt took me out to celebrate. Chocolate Lava cake is very yummy!

I nearly bought a new weekly planner twice now. It’s spiral bound and the paper isn’t very thick but it is under $5, bright and cheery. This Paperblanks lasts until December which is why I didn’t splurge. Plus, I’m tempted to do a DIY weekly next to utilize some of my notebook stash.

Be well.

My Plannerd Week 27 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 27, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

This spread is a bit crazy. I found myself back in my boot in order to rest my ankle. I’d over done activities again.

After work on Saturday, Matt and I went to Target. I acquired a couple rolls of decorative packing tape – dots in pink and black. I also got a couple stampers with various sayings. You can hopefully read “What A Day” and “The Best” on the right page. I wasn’t on a flat surface so the stamping is wonky. Oh well.

Time to focus on this week’s craziness. Be well.

My Plannerd Week 26 by DIY Sara
My Plannerd Week 26, a photo by DIY Sara on Flickr.

I had this all ready to post but I got sidetracked. I broke out some stickers and a bit of deco tape for this spread. I even doodled some. This feels more like my planner, no?

Be well.