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Journal entry with olive green Stabilo point 88.

Today I grabbed my 20 pen set of Stabilo Point 88 fineliners. These pens are very nice for journaling. I’ve also found they are cooperative even on thin fussy paper (like in my Moleskine weekly planner). They come in a few different sets and even as single pens at some stores.

My set was purchased during a trip to Chicago in 2009. (Geez it was that long ago?) The case and ink colors can be seen in these photos if you are curious.

My Chicago purchases Chicago Trip - Stabilo Point 88

Stabilo produces reliable writing instruments and I’m thrilled to see them more widely available. The barrels of these fineliners are hexagonal which are comfortable for writing. (Personally I don’t think I could manage long writing sessions but a couple pages in my journal is doable without issue.) They have a metal-enclosed tip for durability. I haven’t noticed any change in the tips of my set which is very much appreciated. I adore the color orange so a nice bright orange set of 20 fineliners is just divine. The website says the Point 88 is available in 25 colors but I’ve only seen sets of 20. Now I’m curious about the five colors I don’t have at my disposal.

I hope you enjoyed this little look at one of the items in my #dailyarsenal today.