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My Plannerd Week Four

I have a stash of teacher style encouragement stickers. They say things like “Good Job” and “Way to Go.” I’ve been using them to mark days I do chores around the house. I hate housework. I might as well get a sticker, right?

Be well.

I collect things. Odds and ends. Bits and bobbles. Ephemera. Miscellaneous things that catch my eye for one reason or another. I’ve found that keeping them in a bag makes keeping tabs on them a lot easier. Also, I think my partner in residence would agree it keeps things neater. Granted I still find ways to clutter up the clean. It’s a gift.

Tea tag tabs!

I enjoy sipping tea. It is liquid comfort in a cup. My addiction can be blamed on my father and grandmother. I can’t remember a visit with my Nani without my Papa bringing her a mug full of hot tea. Since my change in employment, I find myself digging in my tea stash for the perfect blend to match my mood. I keep some of my tea tags. I sometimes stick them in my journal but lately I was fubbling with a few ideas and this one seemed so obvious but I had never done it before nor have I seen evidence of it being used by others. I give you TEA TAG TABS!

Tea tag tabs!

I dug out a few tea tags from my bag of goodies. Tazo tea tags are particularly lovely. The Bigelow are colorful and very nice also. Occasionally I’ll sip tea with my China Buffet meals. Who doesn’t love dragons?

Tea tag tabs!

Some notebooks need tabs. Everything books definitely need a way to flip to desired sections or pages. Some planners also benefit from tabs. Labeling tabs isn’t always necessary but I can see a nice Dymo label stuck to these colorful tabs if needed. Color coding would be possible too. Green mint for Finances, Passion Purple for Projects, etc…

Tea tag tabs!

TEA TAG TABS! Will you use this idea? What will you be gluing tea tag tabs into? I’d love to hear your ideas – feel free to comment (as always).

Be Well.

It's a living -Stapler face

I never understood that bird on The Flintstones who always said “it’s a living” until I got my first job. Now I imagine every face I see saying it.


(Post created for the #PowerToThePen #ThinkInInk project by Pilot PowerToThePen.com)

Have you visited JetPens before? If you answered “No” then quickly read through this review and then go browse. I fear if you click now, you’ll be lost in the world of awesomely unique, high-quality writing instruments and stationery products, many imported from Japan and Germany. Seriously, I have spent so much time browsing through their pens, pencils, notebooks, and other goodies over the years. Plus they have top-notch customer service and free shipping on orders over $25. What’s not to love?

I was delighted to find an envelope in my mailbox from JetPens. I didn’t make any purchases so this had to be special. I opened it and, to my delight, found a Pentel Quick Dock 0.5 pencil to review. I love Pentel mechanical pencils and their lead. I own several different models and have very few complaints. In fact, I own the U.S. version of the Pentel Quick Dock 0.7 already.

Quick Dock package front

First let’s take a look at the packaging. The bright colors are eye-catching. I was sent the green pencil body and the pink and blue cartridges. The clear windows let you see the enclosed pieces.

Quick Dock package back.

Quick Dock refill instructions.

The backside has (what I assume) are the directions. Luckily JetPens includes these on the item page.

To refill your pencil:
1. Pull out the empty lead cassette out by gripping and pulling the pencil cap.
2. Screw the pencil cap onto the new refill cassette.
3. Pop the new refill into the pen body.

I was trying to remove the cartridges by pulling on the tiny eraser end. It is MUCH easier to screw on the cap and then remove the cartridges. Thank you JetPens!

Green body, pink & blue cartridges.

Pink cartridge loaded.Blue cartridge loaded.
The convenient cartridge is the main selling feature of the Pentel Quick Dock. If you’re a mechanical pencil user, you have battled those fragile leads. Some pencils let you pop out the eraser and drop in the leads. Lose that eraser and you are so out of luck. Other pencils allow you to carefully feed the lead into the dispensing mechanism. That can be like threading a needle. The Quick Dock eliminates any chance of dropping or breaking the lead during refills. Each of the cartridges come with 12 leads. After those 12 are used up, you simply pop out the empty cartridge and pop in a new one. I love this added convenience especially if I run out of lead while away from home. I haven’t tried to refill one of the cartridges yet but I will. If they are not refillable, I’d love to find out if the empty cartridges are recyclable.

Pentel Quick Dock color combinations
The color combinations are a fun feature of this version of the Pentel Quick Dock. This photo from JetPens shows the variations that are possible from combining three different colored refill cartridges with four available body colors. What a fun and unique mechanical pencil feature!

U.S. Quick Dock (top) Japan Quick Dock (bottom)

The very important retractable tip.

Both versions are comfortable to use and great additions to a #dailyarsenal. The contoured grip is nicely shaped and ridged for added writing pleasure. I love that the tips fully retract so there is nothing to snag a sweater or jab you if you place it in your pocket and sit down. I’ve come to value both features a great deal. I also like that the clips are metal and not plastic as they are far more durable.

U.S. Pentel Quick Dock 0.7

The only other notable difference between the U.S. and Japan version is the eraser. The U.S. version has a substantially larger eraser that twists to advance and no screw off cover. This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. I tend to carry around one of Pentel’s Click Erasers for large erasing jobs.

I decided to do a hand-written summary of the Pentel Quick Dock. You’ll see the lead provides a nice dark line and erases cleanly when needed. Overall, out of sheer personal preference, I prefer the U.S. version, but both pencils are awesome. Please note that when I follow the directions, both pencil’s cartridges are equally easy to swap so the main difference is just the eraser/cap.

Pentel Quick Dock 0.5 writing sample.

I hope you liked this deeper look at a great pencil. JetPens has four different body colors, each with two lead cartridges for $7.50 and three different color refill lead cartridges for $2.75. It isn’t the cheapest mechanical pencil option but it is a colorfully fun and convenient one!

Many thanks to JetPens for supplying this pencil to review. Please note that these opinions are my own and were not influenced by outside forces.

Be well.