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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fleece bed for Harvey the rattie is finished.

I’ve been so exhausted and fallen out of my posting daily routine. My apologies.

Today I took a scrap piece of fleece and cut it into one continuous strip then crocheted it into a bowl shape. This washable bed will hopefully become Harvey the rat’s favorite place to sleep. Pet accessories are so expensive which makes DIY projects like this all the more exciting when the work out as planned. Plus I find DIY things hold up better over time. I hope Harvey likes his new pet bed!

Be well.

(edit to add: Fleece is one of the few trusted fibers for small pets in case ingestion occurs. Always avoid cotton and be mindful of fraying.)

Sleeping fox

(watercolor pencils without any water, sketchbook)

Fox, etc doodles

Today I doodled some foxes.

Happy New Year! I’m hoping 2012 brings good news, great luck and stupendous events for us all.

Be well.

Happy New Year!