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Once again I find myself looking back at all the time that has slipped past me… Should I be getting used to this?


Sunday morning I awoke at 4am to join my Mum, sister and her husband for the Elkhorn Flea Market. We were through the gates just after they opened at 7am.

Antique Dress

I saw this dress and thought about having a vintage and antique wedding. Matt and I have a lot of talking to do about preplanning and such even before we start the actual planning of the big event. I snapped a picture since I loved this dress and documenting ideas and inspirations has to be a good thing. always.

My finds

The same booth had a gorgeous quilt for sale. I bought it for $8 and we continued on our adventure. We misplaced each other but that is common during our Elkhorn Flea Market adventures. Mom and I would some how wander ahead of Andy and Jenn but then in the next moment only I am straggling behind looking at something that caught my eye. In the end we all climbed back into the truck with our scores in the back.

You may be wondering why I bought the Ziploc bag of vintage sewing notions. Take a closer look at that bag. Do you see the blue pen? The blue Esterbrook fountain pen? I was lucky and caught site of that gorgeous needle in the haystack while walking through a random booth. I made a squee noise, opened the bag and checked out the pen. Nib was intact and looked good, the lever moved and the sac didn’t make any crunchy sound. The pen body and cap were in good condition and both “jewels” are there and beautiful. I asked if I could purchase just the pen but they said it was a package deal. So for $2 the pen and bag of goodies joined the ranks of my purchases with the quilt. The last item is my first Tunisian crochet hook. Mum bought it for a dollar just for me under the conditions I show her how it is used when I start my first Tunisian crochet project. Deal!

Iggy Pup

Matt and I were more than happy to take Iggy Pup to Lake Geneva on Saturday followed by a stop at Burlington’s dog park. He was exhausted but fought sleep like a trooper.

Now it is my turn to fight sleep and watch some tele before relinquishing control of my mind to the dreamer in me.

Take care and be well.

Matt Asked… I said YES!!!!

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I am officially engaged to Matt! It’s still sinking in but I predict a lot of planning in my future…

Stay tuned. I’m planning on taking you with me on this new adventure :)

Take care and be well. ♥