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Very few things in life seem to go as planned.

My surgery in October went well but there were some complications discovered. I’m lacking cartilage and my ankle has healed in a bone-on-bone configuration. That explains the excruciating pain and inability to gain a lot of stamina. Physical therapy and time has helped me get moving again and come to terms with the fact I will never be the way I was pre-collision again. I pretty much take it a day at a time and try not to get frustrated with my limitations.

I had planned to return to blogging to celebrate Finnegan McFluffy’s first birthday which is estimated to be on March 23rd. Unfortunately, things again did not go as planned.

I snapped this photo on Monday. Edited today. Love you Finnegan.

Wednesday, March 19th, we took Finnegan McFluffy to the vet. He was looking bloated and his activity level and playfulness had decreased in the last week. Needless to say, I was concerned. Unfortunately my ginger kitten has Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The vet estimated just 2 months.

I adore this kitten. He is a dream come true. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this all. Please keep him in your thoughts.

My Plannerd Week 25

Another week has snuck past me. Nearly July, nearly my birthday. It’s summer. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather. I do enjoy going out for custard though.

Our new kitten – Finnegan McFluffy – is doing well. He had his first vet visit on Friday. He got an all clear and lots of love from the staff. He’s already grown so much. He’s 13 weeks old and bound to grow more. I told him he could stay small and I won’t mind one bit.

Finnegan 13 weeks

Feb 20, 2013 - Farewell to Prince Oliver

February 20th, 2013
Our last photo together.

My eight year old doll-face flame point Himalayan cat Oliver was euthanized Wednesday morning.

In 2009, at just five years old, Oliver was diagnosed with kidney problems and in 2010, he took a turn for the worse despite his special diet. An ultrasound revealed he had polycystic kidney disease. I vowed to fight with him. I learned to give him sub-q fluids here at home. After a couple months of treatments and tests, I promised Oliver there would be no more needles. We would fight with diet and do whatever we could together to keep him as healthy and happy as possible.

Oliver was a warrior. He had good streaks and bad streaks. Some days he’d eat without argument but other days it would take up to 20 minutes to get him to eat just a few bites. When he stopped eating his prescription kibble, I picked up canned moist food. I whipped the mush with water to make it higher in moisture which eliminated the need to worry about how to fend off dehydration. When he got tired of the mushy meals, I mixed wet and dry. Then we went back to just dry kibble again. I began begging him and bribing him with promises of US currency and elaborate vacations. He soon would want petting rewards for eating. Meal time was our time together.

Oliver played and purred. He lived up to his princely title without a doubt. He oversaw his kingdom and fought his disease valiantly. His weight fluctuated since his diagnosis in 2009 (he was only 6 pounds at his heaviest) but he was slowly shrinking. I worked harder to get him eating. Every vet visit resulted in the same praise. He was doing well and we should keep up with what was working. Oliver was bright eyed and bushy tailed. He was my fluffy prince, my sunshine man, my boo, my baby, my heart.

Our vet visit in September revealed a slight weight gain. A weight gain was a huge boost to my peace of mind. But then I noticed changes. Gradually he ate less. He looked smaller to me. I was grateful he still acted normally. No real sign of anything serious. His visit in December showed a weight loss. Then he just looked like he was getting old. His grooming habits slowly changed and became less thorough. I did my best to keep him looking regal and handsome. He still purred and followed me around for petting and chin rubs.

I told several family members and friends that I thought this would be our last winter together. I had a feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on it. We had gone through peaks and valleys and plateaus but I knew. This time it was different. The weekend of February 16th, I knew I had to prepare myself to say goodbye.

I vowed never to keep a pet alive for my own selfish wishes and needs. Oliver was resting peacefully and purring for me Sunday but as the new week began he showed signs that the end was near. His blue eyes looked different. He didn’t come to me when I begged him. I made the call and we said goodbye Wednesday morning. My heart broke as I said my final goodbye and kissed him. My fluffy rescue boy who had never bitten, scratched or lashed out at any member of our household, had crossed the rainbow bridge. My brave prince made me so proud.

People have told me that he wouldn’t have thrived so long with a different owner. Few would have the patience to tolerate his finicky ways especially at meal times. That might be true. I admit I would get frustrated, I’m only human. But Oliver was my angel. I miss his goofy antics and higher-than-thou demeanor. I miss his ear tufts, his crazy wild whiskers, his perfectly-toasted-marshmallow point coloring and his bright blue eyes that captured my heart when I first met him in 2004.

Rest in peace my little man. Know how proud I am to have fought beside you in your war against kidney disease. You will live on in my heart always.

Fleece bed for Harvey the rattie is finished.

I’ve been so exhausted and fallen out of my posting daily routine. My apologies.

Today I took a scrap piece of fleece and cut it into one continuous strip then crocheted it into a bowl shape. This washable bed will hopefully become Harvey the rat’s favorite place to sleep. Pet accessories are so expensive which makes DIY projects like this all the more exciting when the work out as planned. Plus I find DIY things hold up better over time. I hope Harvey likes his new pet bed!

Be well.

(edit to add: Fleece is one of the few trusted fibers for small pets in case ingestion occurs. Always avoid cotton and be mindful of fraying.)

Mmrp Friday

I’m moments away from going to sleep. “Mmrp Friday” fits today pretty well, don’t you agree?

Cutest scarf model evah?

I worked on my scarf. It will be finished soon. I can’t wait to wear it! Tonight I let Iggy try it on. What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving.

We didn’t celebrate with an elaborate feast or eating until our pants popped a button. I spent the day with my parents in the house I grew up in. We watched football and a movie. I drank hot tea and ate popcorn my Dad made. Not a traditional holiday but I’m grateful for the day nonetheless. I’m very thankful to have such amazing and selfless parents. They have been exhausting themselves taking care of me since the accident.

I spent some of the movie working with my stiff and stubborn ankle. I’m hoping to get things moving better so my next doctor’s appointment is easy going and as pain-free as possible.

For AEDM I knitted a bit. I brought a bag full of pens and goodies but never cracked it open. Maybe seeing the kittens my parents rescued had a little something to do with it. They have gotten so big! Here is a photo of Merlin (the beige one) and Remus (the grey one). I’m happy to say Remus’ surgery was a success and so far no further surgeries are needed. YAY!

Lil Remus is all grown up now!

Merlin gives me kisses... On my toes :)

Be well. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Knitting kitty

Normally I don’t work three days in a row but the holiday inspired wonkiness and I managed just over four hours today. I’m happy with my achievements this week and it’s only Wednesday.

Lavinia kitty has claimed my lap as her place when I’m resting in bed. This afternoon I knitted a bit while I waited for my ankle to calm down. It doesn’t seem to enjoy showers as much as it should. The good thing is the water feels less bizarre on my leg and foot. I still don’t like looking at the incision sites and bruising but that’s normal, right?.

Now it is time to finish off the pumpkin pie and rest. I’m not quite sure how the holiday thing will go tomorrow but I am very thankful for so many things.

Be well.

Iggy cuddles to start the day :) #bostonterrier

The day isn’t over yet. I’m going to sit up and knit a bit before I call it a night and return to my pillow. This will be my eighteenth day of AEDM and posting here. I can’t give up now.

I worked over four hours this morning and managed to feel comfortable for a short time. Monday I’m going to really push myself. But today, Iggy Pup and I are grateful for cozy blankets and cuddles. Whining ankles can’t even stop us from getting snuggly.

Be well.

My heart

I failed to reach my goal of 5 hours of work. I managed 4 hours and felt like I contributed. But disappointment threatens to overcome the accomplishment. I did better than last week and stayed the same length of time as yesterday. Somehow that is nearly not good enough despite my discomfort and exhaustion. Could I have pushed harder?

This afternoon I tried to tuck my ankle into the background and focus on the movies my Mum and I watched. I struggled and picked up my knitting. I can’t trust myself to knit or purl without looking, so it was slow going and I had to unknit a couple rows.

I took the photo of Toby (above) while he snuggled and purred. My cats have been very good nurses since the accident. Iggy Pup has also helped me find comfort during the last month mostly spent in bed. I snapped the below photo when he was trying to get comfortable. Apparently my blankets are better than his.

Sometimes cuteness just happens

AEDM is helping me to spot creative opportunities. I have a couple ideas bubbling away that I hope I have the energy to start sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted.

Be well.